Bart & Nadia: 20 Years of Love

Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci first crossed paths before she was the Montréal Olympic prodigy. They met at the first ever American Cup, they were the winners, and a photographer said:

“Oh, she’s adorable. Give her a kiss on the cheek; it’d make a nice picture”

And history was made; Conner who was celebrating his 18th birthday that day (March 28) had received an unknown present: meeting his future wife.

After the American Cup they both went to the Montréal Olympics, she became a gymnastics legend with 7 “Perfect 10” scores; he finished in 46th place “so nobody knew me and she certainly didn’t pay attention to me”

She came back for the 1980 Olympics, he couldn’t the United States boycotted those Olympics but in 1984 he had his chance and rose to glory by winning gold with the team and on the parallel bars however by that time Nadia had retired. In this video, you can watch them commentate on their Olympic routines.

After Nadia’s escape from Romania in 1989 Bart offered his help but not because of a romantic interest, he was simply seeking to help their sports’ biggest legend. He invited her to do gymnastics shows with him and their friendship started there and eventually grew into a relationship. He proposed to her in 1994.

They were married in Bucharest in 1996 in a two-day wedding; on April 26 they had the civil ceremony while the religious one took place on April 27. At the time Bart Conner remarked that after their wedding he would be known as “Mr. Nadia Comaneci”.

Conner has always taken lightly the fact that he is married to a world known legend and that even though he has great achievements of his own they are overshadowed by Nadia’s career, as he himself remarks “when I come to the Olympics I know I am the plus one”.

Their 20-year-marriage seems an excerpt from a fairytale book but happily is a real-life story. The couple has one son named Dylan (who is Bart’s living image) born in June of 2006.


In a video of the Olympic Channel, Nadia was asked Bart’s greatest fear. She said she believed he had none to what he answered “losing you”.


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