Movie Review: “Stick It”

10 years ago the gymnastics-themed movie “Stick It” premiered. Will it be a movie you’ll enjoy watching? Well that depends, if you are expecting a movie that realistically portrays the gymnastics world then this movie is definitely not for you. However if you are open to the movie taking huge creative licenses regarding how the gymnastics world works then you will enjoy it. Watch the trailer to get a general idea or jump into our review.

The movie starts with a teenager named Haley (Missy Peregrym) getting into enough trouble that she has to appear before a judge who gives her two options: go to a military academy or to VGA, at that moment what VGA stands for is unknown. Without hesitation Haley chooses the military academy but the judge rules that she must go to VGA which is later unveiled as an acronym for Vickerman Gymnastics Academy

As soon as she arrives it is made clear she’s an absolute outcast, and with good reason. It is revealed that at the previous World Championships, when team USA was one routine away from the team gold medal, Haley simply walked out of the World Championships without performing her routine instantly dropping the team out of medal contention.

The situation sounds familiar? Remember when at the 2007 World Championships Ekaterina Kramarenko stopped her run towards the vault but touched the table with her hands earning an automatic zero that dropped the Russian team from a secure bronze medal into last place. If you remember the situation and how incredibly shocking it was, now imagine if Kramarenko had done it on purpose, she would never ever ever be forgiven. Well that is the situation the movie portrays and as Haley herself admits: “When you walk out on finals and loose team USA some team gold it’s not personal it’s national”

The movie portrays Haley as an extremely talented gymnast, particularly on Floor, and after continuous struggles with Vickerman (Jeff Bridges) she finally agrees to compete at the IG Classic and with the prize money pay the restitution damages she owes. At the IG Classic the reason why she walked out on her team the previous year is revealed. True she had received some shocking news however it was not enough reason to walk out on her team, no real-life gymnast would ever walk out like that unless she was injured.

The movie goes beyond the Classic and into Nationals and there another out-of-this-world situation takes place however that is for you to watch. The full movie is available on Youtube

French gymnast Isabelle Severino doubled Missy Peregrym in the gymnastics stunts, plus a young Anastasia Liukin makes an appearance as herself competing at Nationals and at the end Carly Patterson makes a cameo asking for an autograph.


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