10 Cool Facts from the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

COOL FACT: Three members of the Unified Team that competed in Barcelona 1992 were present in Atlanta however they were representing three different countries.


10 Cool Facts about the “Magnificent 7”

COOL FACT: From the 7 team members two were Barcelona Olympians and two made it into the Sydney 2000 Olympic Team.

10 Perfect 10s

In the 40th anniversary of the First Perfect 10 lets remember 10-Perfect-10 routines.


Canadian Gymnasts Born in Toronto

All of them competed NCAA, two for UCLA and one for Stanford


Ana Sofía Gómez Interview: “Adrian Boboc recruited me in 2005”

Ana Sofía has trained for over a decade with Adrian Boboc and is profoundly grateful towards him and his wife Elena Boboc.