Ana Sofía Gómez Interview: “Adrian Boboc recruited me in 2005”

The biggest revelation of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in 2010 was Guatemalan gymnast Ana Sofía Gómez Porras, she finished 5th AA and 4th on Beam and Floor. Particularly outstanding, was her beam routine where she included a perfectly stuck back handspring with a full twist, a skill typically performed by Romanian gymnasts.

Ana Sofía, who is coached by Romanian trainers, rose to prominence at the 2011 PanAmerican Games where she came 2nd in the all-around and won beam gold. In 2012 she attended the Olympic Games where she qualified to the all-around final finishing in 22nd place. At the Rio Test Event she earned her second Olympic spot by finishing 8th in the all-around with a score of 55.498.

Currently Ana Sofía is at a training camp in Tijuana, Mexico. Tijuana is a city in northern Mexico that borders San Diego, California.

1. Now that you are staying in Tijuana, how is a typical day for you?

I train twice a day, three hours each time. I’m training in Tijuana because I previously prepared for the Test Event here and I obtained good results, so we elected the same place for the final preparation for Rio.

2. What do you study and how do you combine your studies with gymnastics?

I’m currently at my second year in Galileo University. I’m studying to get a bachelor’s degree in Sports. I study on Friday and Saturday and when I’m away on competition or training camps I do everything through the internet.

3. For how long has Adrian Boboc coached you?

Adrian recruited me in 2005 and since then I’ve been training with him and I have achieved results that had never been obtained in Guatemala before.  I am profoundly grateful towards my coaches Elena and Adrian Boboc.

4. Which apparatus do you enjoy more?

I enjoy all four but the apparatus on which I have had my best results is Balance Beam. The reason is I have worked more on this apparatus and I like it very much.

5. Between the London Olympics and now how do you feel you have changed as a gymnast?

The technical level has raised in the past years so I’m very proud to be in the road to another Olympic Games. Plus I will be the first Guatemalan gymnast to attend two Olympic Games

6. Besides from your Olympic participation what other gymnastics triumphs are you particularly proud of?

Of my PanAmerican medals, I have three, gold and silver from Guadalajara 2011 and a bronze from Toronto 2015 and I’m also proud of my participation at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games.


Pïctured: The all-around medallists of the 2011 PanAmerican Games

7. Besides medals, what other satisfactions has your career brought you?

To see the world and have friends from all over the world but my biggest satisfaction is to represent my beautiful country and see the Guatemalan flag wave among the greatest of the world.

 Pictured: The Guatemalan flag waves high during the Beam Ceremony in Guadalajara 2011

 8. What are your goals for the upcoming Olympics?

 To enter a final and to improve on my London results.

 9. What is the name of the music you will use at the Olympics.

 El Conquistador

 Watch Sofi Gómez perform to “El Conquistador” at the Rio Test Event

10. Will you retire after the Rio Olympiad?

No, I will continue to practice the sport.

UPDATE: She changed her mind and retired in January of 2017

11. Recommend us a book to read and a movie to watch.

Movies: I like “The Gladiator” and any movie that involves a challenge or pursuing goals, particularly if they are related to a sport.

Books: I have read a little bit of everything and I consider Paulo Coelho to have very interesting books but my favorites books are Harry Potter’s.

12. If we were to travel to Guatemala what attractions do you recommend us to visit?

Definitely Antigua Guatemala, Petén and Cobán

Dear readers: Antigua Guatemala is famous for its barroque architecture and was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, as for Petén it has archeological sites from the Mayan civilization and Cobán has several natural reserves and is popular for eco-tourism. So, now you know, visit Guatemala!


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