10 Cool Facts about the “Magnificent 7”

In the 20th Anniversary of the “Magnificent 7” Team Victory lets remember 10 Cool Facts about them.

1. The Magnificent 7 won the first ever Olympic Team Gold medal for the United States on July 23rd, 1996.

2. As it is well remembered Kerri Strug went for her second vault despite an ankle injury sustained on her first vault and after landing it on one foot Kerri was carried off as a hero. Because of this injury, Kerri missed the all-around, vault and floor finals.

3. Both Kerri Strug and Dominique Dawes were born in November one day apart and one year apart. Both of them celebrated their birthdays during the 1994 World Championships.

4. From the 7 members of the team, three were Barcelona 1992 Olympians: Shannon Miller, Kerri Strug and Dominique Dawes. Captain Amanda Borden had been eligible for the Barcelona Olympics but was not selected to the team.

5. From the 7 members, two made it into the Sydney 2000 Olympic Team: Dominique Dawes and Amy Chow

6. The youngest member of the team was Dominique Moceanu who at the time was only 14 years old.

7. Dominique Moceanu was born on September 30th, the same as Andreea Raducan (1983), Aliya Mustafina (1994) and Flavia Saraiva (1999)

8. Dominique Dawes’ Floor music was titled “Ukranian Fantasy” she won the bronze medal in the floor final. Dominique Moceanu’s Floor music was titled “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” she finished fourth in the Olympic Floor final.

9. During the gymnastics gala, the team danced the Macarena song which at the time was a huge hit.

10. The United States team collected a total of 4 medals:

  • Gold: Team and Beam (Miller)
  • Silver: Bars (Chow)
  • Bronze: Floor (Dawes)

A montage the remembers the Magnificent Seven


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