10 Cool Facts from the 2008 Olympics Games in Beijing

1. Minutes before the qualification round started, Samantha Peszek, who was scheduled to compete on all events, injured her ankle while warming up a tumbling pass. She only competed bars (one and a half turn into Jeager, Geinger, double twisting double layout dismount) during the qualification round and was unable to participate in the team final.

2. Anna Pavlova scored a zero during the vault final after performing her second vault before receiving the green light from the judges to do so. (You can see it in the last part of the video “Things You Never Expected To See At The Olympics”)

3. Cheng Fei won the bronze medal on vault despite crashing her second vault.

4. An age-controversy emerged surrounding the Chinese team as there were plenty of claims that He Kexin was 14 at the time and therefore underage to compete in Beijing. A further investigation cleared He Kexin from wrong-doing however speculations continue.

5. He Kexin and Nastia Liukin who finished first and second in the uneven bars final both fell during the qualification round. A tie-breaker decided the gold medal during the final giving the victory to He Kexin.

6. The top three uneven bars medallists (He Kexin, Nastia Liukin & Yang Yilin) had the same difficulty (7.700), Elizabeth Tweddle who finished 4th by a 0.025 difference had the most difficult routine with a 7.800 D-value.

7. Russia walked out empty handed after finishing fourth in the team final, All-Around (Semenova) and Beam Final (Pavlova).

8. Cheng Fei had qualified first into the floor final after she fell on a tumbling pass, the gymnasts that had qualified 2nd, 3rd, and 4th kept their placements only moving one place higher to win gold (Izbasa), silver (Johnson), and bronze (Liukin)

9. Vault Silver Medallist Oksana Chusovitina was an unprecedented 33-year-old gymnast at the time of her win. Her win was unified Germany’s first ever Olympic Medal.

10. Nastia Liukin was the most decorated gymnast with 5 medals: 1 Gold (AA), 3 Silvers (Team, UB, BB) and 1 Bronze (FX). She has one more Olympic medal than her father Valeri Liukin who has four, however, Liukin won two golds back in 1988: Team and Horizontal Bar.

Bonus Cool Fact:  Some Floor Musics.


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