Rio In Review: 10 Cool Facts From the Qualification Round

1. The difference between the fourth and fifth place, Great Britain and Brazil, was of only 0.010 as GBR scored 174.054 and BRA scored 174.064

2. The 8th and last gymnast to grab a spot in the uneven bars final was Shang Chungsong with a 15.300. A score that high would have been enough to qualify a gymnast in the top 3 in any other of the three event finals.

3. The team with the most bittersweet competition: GREAT BRITAIN. Most of their gymnasts missed the finals by just a fraction and the team is the “reserve team”.

  • Claudia Fragapane is 1st reserve for the all-around final and the floor final.
  • Elissa Downie is 1st reserve for the beam final.
  • Amy Tinkler is 2nd reserve for the beam final.
  • Rebecca Downie is 2nd reserve for the uneven bars final

4. It is the first time a gymnast from India (Dipa Karmakar, vault), Venezuela (Jessica López, bars) and the Netherlands (Sanne Wevers, beam) enter an event final.

5. If the qualification round had been finals and medals had been awarded:

  • Brazil would have earned 2 medals as Rebecca Andrade qualified 3rd into the all-around final and Flavia Saraiva qualified 3rd on beam.
  • Giulia Steingruber would have become Switzerland’s first Olympic medallist as she qualified 3rd into the vault final.
  • Vanessa Ferrari would have captured the bronze medal that slipped through her hands after a tie-breaker didn’t favour her in the Floor final of London 2012.
  • Gabrielle Douglas would have her first individual event medal as she qualified 3rd into the bars final. Although she has one World and one Olympic all-around medal, she has never won an event final medal at either Worlds or Olympics.

6. Out of 8 gymnasts qualified into the Vault Final four presented Amanars (Shallon Olsen, Maria Paseka, Hong Un Jong and Simone Biles), 1 showed off a Produnova (Dipa Karmakar) and one more Produnova is expected at the final (Oksana Chusovitina).

7. Former Olympic medalists that in Rio 2016 have qualified to the same event finals where they won their medals:

  • Oksana Chusovitina: Vault Silver Medalist in Beijing 2008
  • Maria Paseka: Vault Bronze Medalist in London 2012
  • Hong Un Jong: Vault Olympic Champion in Beijing 2008
  • Aliya Mustafina: Uneven Bars Olympic Champion in London 2012
  • Catalina Ponor: Beam Olympic Champion in Athens 2004
  • Alexandra Raisman: Floor Olympic Champion in London 2012

8. Gymnasts that have some kind of World Medal in the event final they are entering.

  • Vault: Oksana Chusovitina (7 medals), Hong Un Jong (3 medals), Simone Biles (3 medals), Maria Paseka (1 medal)
  • Uneven Bars: Daria Spiridinova (2 medals), Aliya Mustafina (2 medals), Madison Kocian (1 medal)
  • Balance Beam: Simone Biles (3 medals), Catalina Ponor (2 medals), Sanne Wevers (1 medal)
  • Floor Exercise: Simone Biles (3 medals), Vanessa Ferrari (2 medals), Alexandra Raisman (1 medal)

9. Out of 28 gymnasts qualified to the event finals 16 of them are 20 years or older meaning they were either Olympians in London or age-eligible but no selected or qualified to the Olympics.

  • Aged 20: Gabrielle Douglas, Erika Fasana, Shang Chungsong, Mai Murakami
  • Aged 21: Aliya Mustafina, Maria Paseka
  • Aged 22: Giulia Steingruber, Dipa Karmakar, Elisabeth Seitz, Alexandra Raisman
  • Aged 24: Sanne Wevers
  • Aged 25: Vanessa Ferrari
  • Aged 27: Hong Un Jong
  • Aged 28: Catalina Ponor
  • Aged 30: Jessica López
  • Aged 41: Oksana Chusovitina

10. In contrast, only 3 new seniors, gymnasts born in 2000, made it into the event finals: Shallon Olsen (CAN, Vault), Lauren Hernández (USA, Beam) Marine Boyer (FRA, Beam)

Bonus Cool Fact: Three gymnasts were flag bearers at the Opening Ceremony: Ana Sofia Gómez (Guatemala), Catalina Ponor (Romania) and Gulia Steingruber (Switzerland).


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