Rio In Review: 10 Cool Facts from the All-Around Final

1. Simone Biles became the first World Champion to be crowned Olympic Champion since Lilia Podkopayeva became World Champion in 1995 and then Olympic Champion in 1996.

2. At age 19 Simone Biles is among the oldest Olympic All-Around Champions. Prior to her win Anastasia Liukin was the most recent oldest champion since she was 18 at the time of her triumph in Beijing 2008.

3. Also at age 19 Simone Biles was the youngest of the top 5 finalists. Raisman is 22, Mustafina 21 and Shang Chunsong and Elsabeth Black are both 20 year old.

4.Had Alexandra Raisman scored “only” a 60.098 in qualifications, Gabrielle Douglas would have advanced to the all-around final instead of her since she scored a 60.131

5. If Aliya Mustafina had scored the same in the all-around final as she did in the team final, where she performed significantly better, she would still have placed third as her all-around score in the Team Final was of 60.024 against Raisman’s score of 60.098, the difference would have been of only 0.074 though.

6. The last time a gymnast won back-to-back Olympic medals in the all-around was in 2000 when Simona Amânar, who had won bronze in 1996 managed to win silver in the all-around in Sydney 2000. In Rio 2016 Aliya Mustafina has equaled her London 2012 result with an all-around bronze.

7Elsabeth Black’s 5th place finish in the all-around is the best result for Canada in an Olympic all-around final.

8. The second consecutive time that Shang Chunsong places 4th in the all-around. At last year’s World Championships she finished 4th behind Larissa Iordache.

9. Seda Tutkhalyan dropped from fifth place in the third rotation to 22nd in the last event after scoring on Floor a 10.966, the lowest of any gymnast in any apparatus.

10Both Jessica López that finished 7th in the all-around and Rio-born Jade Barbosa, who unfortunately could not finish her competition due to an ankle injury during her Floor routine, were present in Beijing 2008. While Jessica Lopez did not advance to the all-around final Jade Barbosa, who was Brazil’s young promise at the time, finished in 10th place.


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