Rio In Review: The Turn-Girl, Sanne Wevers, Turns Into Beam Gold

Fan Yilin opened the beam final with a good routine however big wobbles earned her a score of only 14.500. With many more contenders still to come her score was not expected to place in the top 3.

Isabela Onyshko followed Yilin and had an unfortunate fall yet her sole participation was historic for Canada no matter what place she finished.

Third up was Simone Biles and she had perfect execution beginning with her wolf turns, her acrobatic series (back handspring layout layout) until the front tuck which went very wrong and she had to grab the beam to stay on. The beam gold medal had already been assigned to Biles even before she mounted so when she grabbed the beam everyone gasped as the Gold was now open to any of the 5 remaining competitors that featured really strong candidates like Wevers, Ponor or Saraiva.

Sanne Wevers was next up after Biles and what a hard mental test must this beam routine have been for her. Seeing Biles falter meant she could make history for her country if only she could turn correctly. Sanne, who is re-known for the number of complicated turns she takes in her routine, had the best routine of her life executing turn after turn elegantly and without doubt. Among her skills were a double L-turn, a triple turn, a side aerial into side aerial and a front aerial into wolf jump. After she dismounted her score took a long while to appear, both her and her other half (twin sister) Lieke had an anxious waiting time. Lieke was filmed several times while her sister’s score was still being determined and her expression said everything she was waiting, hoping for the best for her beloved sister. 

Seeing Biles falter also meant a big deal for Catalina Ponor as she was Romania’s only hope of a medal and it was accessible since equaling her qualifying score of 14.900 would be enough to place her above of Biles who had scored “only” a 14.733. But everything went wrong for Catalina as there were big wobbles throughout the routine as well as missed connections and a big step in her double pike dismount. Even without a fall, it was very obvious that Catalina, sadly, would not be able to give Romania a medal.

Lauren Hernández, the very young teammate of Simone Biles, now had the very unexpected and heavy burden of winning gold for the United States. However, Lauren mounted the beam and acted as the most experienced veteran performing every element securely and without hesitation. In the end, it was Sanne’s superior D-score 6.6 against Lauren’s 6.4 which made the difference as Lauren scored a 15.333 against Sanne’s 15.466

Marine Boyer, the young beam specialist of the French team, performed one of her accustomed beam routines to score a 14.600. The score was the same as the one she had in qualifications and what she had scored at the European Championships where she won silver. Sadly for her in Rio that was not enough for bronze and had to settle for a fourth place.

The last one up was Rio-born Flavia Saraiva and if she could equal her qualifying score of 15.133 or her team final score of 14.833 the bronze would be hers. Sadly it was not meant to be, a big wobble was enough for the medal to slip through her hands and she placed fifth with a 14.533.

So, despite her mistake Simone Biles won bronze, Lauren Hernández was a proud silver medalist and a new Queen (Dutchess) was crowned, Sanne Wevers became the Rio Olympic Beam Gold Medalist.

And so it ended… the Beam Final in Rio 2016.


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