Rio In Review: 10 Cool Facts from the Event Finals Part 2

1. Sanne Wevers became the first Dutch Olympic Champion in gymnastics’ modern history. In the first ever gymnastics event for Women at the Olympics in 1928 the Dutch Women won Team Gold.

2. Sanne Wevers had the highest value in D-score, a 6.6,  from all the competitors in the beam final

3. The qualifying scores of Flavia Saraiva (15.133), Catalina Ponor (14.900) and Fan Yilin (14.866) would have earned them bronze in the beam final. Fan Yilin’s and Flavia Saraiva’s scores of the Team Finals would have also placed them third as Yilin scored a 15.066 and Flavia a 14.833

4. Marine Boyer scored exactly the same at both the qualification round and the final: 14.600.

5. The beam final featured both the youngest (Lauren Hernández, 16 years old) and the oldest (Sanne Wevers, 24 years old) Olympic medalists.

6. Simone Biles victory in the Floor Exercise marks an unprecedented 4th consecutive win of Gold in the Floor Exercise at a major international competition as she has won gold at the last three World Championships (2013, 2014, 2015)

7. Simone Biles Floor Final score was the highest recorded in the whole Olympic competition: 15.966

8. The highest recorded D-score was 6.9 achieved by Fan Yilin on her uneven bars routine at the qualification and team final and Simone Biles in the Floor Final.

9. Second consecutive time Vanessa Ferrari finishes 4th at an Olympic Floor Final. A tie breaker did not favour her in London 2012 and in Rio 2016 her score of 14.766 left her 0.167 away from bronze. 

10. Amy Tinkler’s bronze is the second Olympic medal for Great Britain in women’s gymnastics. The first one was Elizabeth Tweddle’s bronze on uneven bars in London 2012.


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