10 Cool Facts From The Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010 & Nanning 2014)

1. Russia has managed to win gold at both Olympic Games in the all-around and bars with Viktoria Komova winning in 2010 and Seda Tutkhalyan in 2014.

2. China has managed to win beam gold at both Olympic Games with Tan Sixin winning in 2010 and Wang Yan winning in 2014.

3. The Singapore Floor Final was celebrated on August 22nd 2010, Diana Bulimar’s 15th birthday, she won silver in the event.

4. Only two gymnasts present at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games managed to attend both London 2012 and Rio 2016: Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) and Ana Sofía Gómez (GUA)

5. All the medalists at the 2014 Nanning Youth Olympic Games (Wang Yan, Tutkhalyan, Miyakawa, Downie, Saraiva) attended the Rio Olympics with the exception of Italy’s Iosra Abdelaziz.

6. From the Youth Olympic medalists only Viktoria Komova owns individual Olympic and World medals.

7. The only country to medal at both Olympic Games, aside from China and Russia, is Italy with Carlotta Ferlito winning 3 medals in 2010 and Iosra Abdelaziz winning silver on bars in 2014

8. The only country to win gold at the Youth Olympic Games, aside from China and Russia, is Brazil with Flávia Saraiva’s golden floor routine in Nanning 2014.

9. So far China and Russia have won the same number of Youth Olympic medals: 7 

10. The medal count after two Youth Olympic Games is:

  • Russia: 5 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • China: 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Italy: 2 Silver, 2 Bronze
  • Great Britain: 1 Silver, 3 Bronze
  • Brazil: 1 Gold, 2 Silver
  • Romania: 1 Silver
  • Spain: 1 Silver
  • Japan: 1 Bronze
  • Australia: 1 Bronze
  • Sweden: 1 Bronze


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Ana Sofía Gómez Interview: “Adrian Boboc recruited me in 2005”


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