Gymnastics Birthdays at Worlds


KERRI STRUG (USA) – November 19th, 1977 – 17 years old

DOMINIQUE DAWES (USA) – November 20th, 1976 – 18 years old

 1994 World Team Members Kerri Strug and Dominique Dawes nearly share a birthday. Strug was born on November 19th while Dawes was born on November 20th however Dawes is older having been born in 1976 with Kerri being born in 1977.

 The team competition at the 1994 Worlds was held in November from the 15th till the 20th meaning both gymnasts celebrated their birthdays with a team silver medal.

 Kerri Strug on the Balance Beam at the 1994 World Team Competition

Dominique Dawes on Floor at the 1994 World Team Competition


SIMONA AMANAR (ROM) – October 7th, 1979 – 16 years old.

In 1995 the World Championships were held between October 1st and the 10th. The young Simona Amânar born on October 7th 1979 celebrated her 16th birthday with her first individual World Title on Vault.


 TABITHA YIM (USA) – November 2nd, 1985 – 16 years old.

 A new senior in the 2001 U.S. World Team Tabitha Yim turned 16 years old the day the all-around final was contested. Her birthday gift was placing 7th in the all-around.


CATALINA PONOR (ROM) – August 20th, 1987 – 16 years old.

A new talent on the 2003 World Romanian team, legend Catalina Ponor turned 16 the day the team final was contested. Her birthday gift was bittersweet, because even though Romania won a silver in the team competition it was the first time in nearly a decade that they did not win team gold.

Because the 2003 World Championships and the 2004 Olympic Games were contested in very similar dates Catalina also celebrated her birthday at the Olympics in Athens.


POLINA MILLER (RUS) – November 23rd, 1988 – 17 years old.

Russian Polina Miller turned 17 the day the qualification round took place at the 2005 world Championships, she only competed bars and advanced to the final where she finished 6th.


SHAYLA WORLEY (USA) – September 2nd, 1990 – 17 years old.

Shayla Worley turned 17 years old during the second day of qualifications at the 2007 World Championships. Shayla qualified 8th AA to the all-around final but did not advance due to the two-per- country rule. 

At the beggining of the video it is mentioned that Shayla celebrated her 17th birthday during the qualification round. 


KSENIA SEMENOVA (RUS) – October 20th, 1992 – 18 years old.

Ksenia Semenova turned 18 years old the day the team final was contested at the 2010 World Championships. Her birthday gift was truly special as Russia won its first, and to date only, World Team Title. This competition also turned out to be the last in Ksenia’s career.

YANA DEMYANCHUK (UKR) – October 22nd, 1993 – 17 years old.

Ukrainian gymnast Yana Demyanchuk turned 17 the day the all-around was contested but she did not participate since she only competed bars and beam in the qualification round.

Her birthday gift was qualifying to the beam final, sadly she had an unfortunate fall on the dismount.

 Yana Demyanchuk during the qualification round at the 2010 World Championships.


PHAN THI HA THANH (VIE) – October 16th, 1995 – 16 years old.

Phan competed in the vault final the day before her 16th birthday. Her birthday gift was double, not only did she win the bronze medal but also her placement earned her an  automatic berth to the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Phan went on to attend both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games


ALIYA MUSTAFINA (RUS) – September 30th, 1994 – 19 years old.

Russian legend Aliya Mustafina turned 19 the day the World Championships officially started; on September 30th the men’s qualification round was contested.

Aliya biggest birthday gift from this competition was her World Beam Title along with her bronze medals in the All-Around and Uneven Bars.


CLAUDIA FRAGAPANE (GBR) – October 24th, 1997 – 18 years old.

Claudia turned 18 the second day of the qualification round. Great Britain had competed on the first day and Claudia’s birthday gift was advancing to the floor final where she finished 7th as well as earning bronze with her team.

Claudia Fragapane during the qualification round, the day before her birthday.

AMY TINKLER (GBR) – October 27th, 1999 – 16 years old.

Amy Tinkler had a truly sweet sixteen birthday when her team finished 3rd in the team final earning Great Britain’s first ever World Team Medal. Less than a year later she became Great Britain’s second Olympic medallist in history with her bronze on the Floor Exercise at the Rio Olympic Games.

 Commentary at the beginning of the video remarks its Amy’s birthday.

MARIA KHARENKOVA (RUS) – October 29th, 1998 – 17 years old.

The day the all-around final was contested Maria Kharenkova turned 17 years old however Maria did not participate in the final since she only competed three events in the qualification round: bars, beam and floor.

Unlike the other birthday girls at the 2015 World Championships Maria had a sad birthday when four falls, including her own fall from the beam in an L-turn, kept Russia in fourth place and out of the medals in the team competition.

WANG YAN (CHN) – October 30th, 1999 – 16 years old.

Wang Yang was 15 years old during the team final and all-around final where she finished 11th. The day before the event finals started she turned 16. Wang Yan was present in the vault and beam final, finishing 6th and 5th respectively. Her birthday gift was a team silver.


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