10 Cool Facts from the 1976 Montréal Olympic Games

1. From the gold medal winning Soviet team: Olga Korbut, Elvira Saadi and Ludmilla Tourischeva had been present at the 1972 Olympic Games with Ludmilla Tourischeva being a veteran of the Mexico 1968 Olympics. The youngest members of the team Maria Filatova and Nellie Kim went on to attend the 1980 Olympic Games as well.

2. Soviet Elvira Saadi owns “Dynamo Club”, a coaching facility in Canada where she coached 2012 Olympian Victoria Moors and now coaches her little sister Brooklyn Moors who finished 5th on Floor at the 2017 World Championships that were also held in Montréal. 

3. Soviet Nellie Kim helped design the 2006 Code of Points that erased the “Perfect 10” she had once scored. At the most recent FIG Congress where Morinari Watanabe succeeded Bruno Grandi as President of the FIG, Nellie Kim was named VicePresident

4. Romanian Anca Grigoras, who had been an Olympian at the 1972 Olympic Games, has served as technical director for the Romanian Gymnastics Federation

5. Romanian Teodora Ungureanu who was the bronze medalist on beam at the 1976 Olympics owns “Dynamic Gymnastics” in Westchester, New York where she coached 2011 U.S. World Team Member Sabrina Vega.

6. At age 14, Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10 in Olympic history on July 18th, 1976. At the same competition Nellie Kim scored the second perfect 10. Nellie Kim who at the time of the Montréal Olympics was 18 years old, turned 19, 11 days after Comaneci’s historic moment. Nellie Kim was born on July 29th, 1957.

7. Maria Filatova celebrated her 15th birthday the day after Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10 in Olympic history. 

8. Teodora Ungureanu almost shares her birthday with Nadia Comaneci. Teodora was born on November 13th, one day later than Nadia, but she was born one year earlier in 1960. Nadia was born on November 12th, 1961.

9. Nadia Comaneci was the only returning Romanian Olympian from the 1976 Montréal team to the 1980 Olympic Games.

10. All the medals at the 1976 Olympic Games were won by either Soviet or Romanian gymnasts with the exception of:

Bonus Cool Fact: At those same Olympics, in a sport that has nothing to do with grace or tumbling, a man won a bronze medal in Greco-wrestling. His daughter would become a gymnastics legend three decades later, his name was Farhat Mustafin


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