2017: 7 Things We Will Be Expectant About

1. New quadrenium, new code of points. Two of the most common vaults: the double Twisting Yurchenko and the Amanar are now valued out of 5.4 and 5.8 respectively. Also the requirement of having a D dismount on bars, beam and floor is gone, so now D-scores will be 0.5 lower than they used to be. Overall gymnasts will be scoring at the very least 1.5 lower than they used to, so scores in the 15s are likely gone and reaching a 14 will be quite an achievement. It will surely take a while to get used to these new “low” scores.

2. Europeans return to Romania, to Cluj-Napoca, they had last hosted Europeans back in 1957.  How will Romania do? Can Larissa Iordache become All-around Champion? Can Catalina win a fifth European Beam Title? Will it be Catalina’s last competition before retiring again until 2019?

3. Worlds return to Canada, they had previously hosted them back in 1985. Who will succeed Simone Biles as the new World All-Around Champion? Will it be another American? Can Valeri Liukin keep the U.S. Supremacy?

4. How will Russia do without Aliya Mustafina? Will they be able to re-capture the European All-Around Title? Will they be able to keep their supremacy on Uneven Bars at the World Championships?

5. Will China climb into the medals this year? Even though China won team bronze at the Olympics no individual medals came there way despite having several finalists. With 2017 being a year focused mainly on individual events will we get to see China up in the podium? We very much hope so.

6. The New Seniors, the new faces. Can the new Romanian seniors like Cimpian or Crisan revive the Romanian program? Can Eremina and Iliankova make up for the void Aliya Mustafina has left? Can Morgan Hurd and Jordan Chiles keep the U.S. program as the number one in the world?

7. How will those who missed Rio perform this year? China lost Liu Tinting, a new senior last year, her grand debut was supposed to be the Olympics, so will 2017 be her year? A back injury forced Komova to stop training but she wants to comeback, assuming she gets the medical approval to do so, will we see her as soon as this fall’s World Championships? Mary Ann Mockton tore her ACL just before the Test Event, knowing she would miss the Olympics she promised to be back by the 2017 World Championships, will she be ready? The same goes for Jonna Adlerteg who re-injured her knee in March of 2016 at the Doha World Cup. As for Roxana Popa she’s set to miss this year as well as she needs to recover from yet another knee-surgery that took place in October of 2016.


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