Movie Review: “A 2nd Chance”

“A Second Chance” is a 2011 Australian gymnastics movie aimed for pre-teens.

The movie opens with Kate Jones, a gymnastics coach to young girls, refusing to coach three “Level 6” gymnasts however after their main coach, Bev, gets hospitalized she has no option but to accept.

The girls have an upcoming competition where they don’t do very well except for Maddy who is exceptional on Floor but gets deliberately underscored by Head Judge Sally Peterson. Kate and Sally used to be friends, however in present day Sally is in a wheelchair and flashbacks indicate Kate might have had something to do with it. After the competition Kate is advised to seek help from a technique and strength expert and is referred to Shane who is the boys’ coach. The main goal is to get Maddy into the National Team.

The movie also focuses on the girls’ life at school where Maddy is often bullied by Chelsea who is also a gymnast and apparently much better than Maddy. She also has her first crush with Josh a boy who trains under Shane’s supervision and with whom Maddy interacts both at school and in training.

The movie is adequate for young children and pre-teens however the acting is very poor and the storyline quite predictable. Here is the trailer for you to decide whether you are willing to give the movie a try.

UPDATE: Somewhere in the movie a World Junior Championships are mentioned, what was a work of fiction will become a reality in 2019.


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