10 Cool Facts from the 2000 Europeans in Paris

The continental meet had previously been hosted in France (Nantes) in 1992.

1. The second of three consecutive times that Svetlana Khorkina won the European all-around title.

2. The fourth out of six times Svetlana Khorkina won the European Uneven Bars Title.

3. Svetlana Khorkina won only gold medals at this competition: Team, All-Around, Uneven Bars and Balance Beam.

4. There was a three-way tie for the Floor Silver Medal (Raducan, Produnova and Karpenko)

5. From the individual medalists, only Esther Moya (Bronze, Vault) and Ludivine Furnon (Gold, Floor) did not win a team medal.

6. All of the European individual medalists went on to attend the Sydney Olympics.

7. But, only Khorkina and Zamolodchikova went on to attend the Athens Olympics

8. It was the second time Europeans were held in Paris, the first time had been in 1963. Earlier this month it was announced Paris will once again host the European Championships in 2020, again on an Olympic year.

9. Three gymnasts earned a total of four medals

  • Svetlana Khorkina: Gold (Team, All-around, Bars, Beam)
  • Yelena Zamolodchikova: Gold (Team), Silver (All-Around, Vault), Bronze (Beam)
  • Viktoria Karpenko: Silver (Team, Uneven Bars, Floor), Bronze (All-Around)

10. Out of 16 individual medals awarded:

  • Russia won half (8 medals) plus Team Gold
  • Ukraine won 3 medals plus Team Silver
  • Romania won 3 medals plus Team Bronze
  • France won 1 Gold (Ludivine Furnon, Floor)
  • Spain won 1 Bronze (Esther Moya, Vault)


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