10 Cool Facts from the First Melbourne World Cup

The Cool Facts fromĀ the First Melbourne World Cup

1. The World Cup is the first major international gymnastics event to be held in Melbourne since the 2005 World Championships. It was held at the Hisense Arena in Melbourne Park.

2. The World Cup will be held annually from 2017 till 2020.

3. First World Cup to be scored under the new Code of Points.

4. The vault and floor final had only 7 competitors and the uneven bars final only 6 competitors.

5. All three medalists on the uneven bars had the same 6.0 difficulty value, execution set them apart. Rianna Mizzen bronze, Luo Huan silver and Liu Tingting gold.

6. First competition back for Olympic Beam Champion Sanne Wevers. She won a silver medal on the event.

7. Both Liu Tingting and Emily Little won three medals.

  • Liu Tingting: Gold (Bars & Beam) and Bronze (Floor)
  • Emily Litte: Gold on Floor, Silver on Vault and Bronze on Beam.

8. The home team (Australia) took:

  • 1 Gold (Floor)
  • 2 Silver (Vault & Floor)
  • 3 Bronzes (Vault, Bars and Beam)

9. China won 5 medals:

  • 3 Golds (Vault, Bars & Beam)
  • 1 Silver (Uneven Bars)
  • 1 Bronze (Floor)

10. From the individual medallists:

  • Sanne Wevers was the 2016 Olympic Beam Champion
  • Wang Yan was a 2016 Olympian (Team Bronze)
  • Emily Little was a 2012 Olympian
  • Liu Tinting had originally been named to the Rio Olympic Team but injury forced her to withdraw.


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