10 Cool Facts from the 2017 American Cup

The 2017 American Cup was held in Newark, New Jersey.

1. First competition back for Olympic Bronze medallist Amy Tinkler; sadly she did not perform on her strongest event the Floor Exercise.

2. Both Amy Tinkler and Tisha Volleman had competed at the 2016 edition of the American Cup. Last year Amy finished 4th and Tisha 8th . In 2017 Amy finished 9th (since she did not perform on Floor) and Tisha finished in 7th place.

3. Only one new senior competed, Riley McCusker (USA); she will turn 16 on July 9th.

4. The oldest competitor was Kim Bui (finished 4th); she turned 28 on January 20. Back in 2009 Kim Bui won the bronze medal at that year’s American Cup.

5. Out of 9 competitors 6 did Full Twisting Yurchenkos. Asuka Teramoto did a Handspring vault and both Ragan Smith and Riley McCusker did Double Twisting Yurchenkos.

6. The highest score on uneven bars was from Kim Bui (14.533 / 6.0 Difficulty). Had she competed last week at the 2017 Melbourne World Cup and scored the same as she did today she would have won the gold medal on bars.

7. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos was the only gymnast to score higher than a 14 during the beam rotation. (14.233)

8. Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos turns 17 on March 5th (the day after the American Cup) and will celebrate with a bronze medal.

9. First time since 2011 that the silver medal was not won by an American gymnast. Asuka Teramoto from Japan claimed the silver medal.

10. First time since 2001 that only ONE American gymnast medals at the competition.


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