Ragan Smith Continues American Tradition at the 2017 American Cup

It was the first competition back for Amy Tinkler (GBR) however she finished last because she did not perform on Floor. She competed a full twisting Yurchenko, had a solid bars routine that included a Markelov and a high-difficulty beam routine (6.0 D- value) but fell on her standing full.

Emily Whitehead (AUS) competed a full twisting Yurchenko and a clean bars routine however problems arrived on beam when she went overtime and then fell on her dismount. Floor did not go well either since she had major problems on three of her landings however her routine was very expressive and artistic.

For Tisha Volleman (NED) it was bars that gave her problems as she fell after her high to low transition. Her routine on beam  went well but low difficulty value did not help her improve her standings as for Floor she was artistic performing to Cirque Du Soleil’s music “Mutation” but sat down her second pass a 2.5 twist.

China’s Yufen Xie (CHN) competed a bars routine full of pirouetting, the chinese bars style. On beam she looked good however missed connections meant she had a very low start value and on Floor low landings on her double tuck and double pike did not help her quest for a higher placement and she finished in 6th place.

New senior, Riley McCusker (USA) had a rough competition from the start. Her double twisting Yurchenko was low and she took steps out of the line incurring in neutral deductions. As for bars, her strongest event, she missed her piked tkachev release and fell and beam was even worse when she missed a foot on her dismount landing dangerously on her back and neck. After such a fall it was not certain if it was safe for her to continue however she did compete on Floor where her routine was performed very well and with a lot of artistry but it was not enough to make up for three bad routines and she finished in a low 5th place.

28-year-old Kim Bui competed solidly earning the highest mark on uneven bars with a routine that included all kinds of tricks like a piked Jaeger to Pak and Maloney to Bhardwaj. She managed to stay on the Beam and Floor however low difficulty left her in fourth place.

The young Melanie De Jesus dos Santos (FRA) after clean work on bars was a standout gymnast with her beam routine, the only one to earn a mark higher than 14. After closing with a solid performance on Floor she grabbed the bronze medal.

Asuka Teramoto (JPN) earned her silver medal through her consistency. She was the only gymnast to compete a handspring vault, and not some kind of Yurchenko, and earned a 13.766 that she equaled on uneven bars. She competed well on beam for a 13.633 and closed with a 13.066 on Floor to secure silver.

Ragan Smith (USA) continued the US tradition of having an American win the competition however it did not come all that easy to her. Her double twisting Yurchenko and her bars went well but she fell on her standing full on beam. She closed on Floor with four solid passes, including a double layout, to score a 14.000, the highest of all gymnasts on Floor.


10 Cool Facts from the 2017 American Cup

10 Cool Facts from the 16-year U.S. Dominance of the American Cup (2002 – 2018)


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