Tabea Alt’s Golden Birthday at the 2017 Stuttgart World Cup also 5 Cool Facts

The 2017 Stuttgart All-Around World Cup featured seven competitors.

Alice Kinsella (GBR) who just turned 16 years old on March 13th finished 7th after a rough competition. After competing a solid full twisting Yurchenko Alice started her bars routine with a piked Jeager but completely missed her second release and had several steps on her double pike dismount. On beam Alice had an unusual beam mount and a solid double turn but fell on her acro series, quite a tricky one, side aerial into two layout stepouts; she dismounted with a 2.5 twist. Finally, on floor she sat down her double arabian and struggled to keep her double pike in bounds but her routine was expressive and artistic.

Zhang Jin (CHN) opened with a Tsukahara vault. She struggled quite a bit with her uneven bars routine, after transitioning to the low bar she lost form and even though she tried to stay on she had to jump off after she arched her back to much on a handstand, she remounted and had a dead hang after transitioning back to the high bar and was forced to muscle up. After her struggles on bars, she performed well on beam where she had a solid acro series and a stuck dismount. On Floor, she presented good tumbling passes including a triple twist to finish 6th

Eythora Thorsdottir (NED) opened with a double twisting Yurchenko that was landed with low chest. On bars she had a clean set that included a jeager release but beam was her undoing. She fell on her mount and had wobbles in almost all of her skills but had a good triple twist as a dismount. Re-known for her beautiful work on Floor the artistic part was exceptional however the technical not so much after her triple twist into punch front went out of bounds. She also had a stuck double tuck and an impressive turn series: double L-turn – into full turn – into double Y turn (Memmel) – into illusion turn. She placed 5th

Pauline Schaefer (GER) opened with a handspring front with a half twist vault then on bars went on to perform a Maloney into Pak however she lost form in the low bar but managed to continue her routine and had a piked jeager release and stuck her toe-on to a front layout with a half twist dismount (Moors). On beam, she stayed on but a had few wobbles however she did impress by performing her own skill the Schafer, a side somersault with a half turn. She closed on Floor with a double layout and double pike as a well as a triple turn. She place fourth with a 53.231 missing bronze by 0.034

The young Morgan Hurd (USA) came in as an absolute favorite to win the competition and after an impressive double twisting Yurchenko she went on to perform a very well executed bars routine that included a full twisting double back dismount. On beam she showcased her flexibility on her mount did a good full turn but then went on to fall on her standing full she remounted to perform her acro series and fell again. When she remounted she did a good front tuck and continued with her routine solidly like if those two falls had not happened. On Floor, she performed a double twisting double back, a piked full-in, but had a low landing on her last tumbling pass a double pike. Morgan impressed on Floor for a lot more than the powerful tumbling the American usually have but for her expressiveness and great flexibility. She claimed the bronze medal with a 53.265.

The other heavy favorite to win the competition was Russia’s Angelina Melnikova. After a good double twisting Yurchenko, she performed on bars where she showed massive difficulty but there were form breaks and a visible hesitation on her last turn before her dismount which she nearly stuck. On beam Melnikova fell on her acro-series but otherwise showed a solid routine that included a double wolf turn at the beginning and double pike dismount with a small hop. On Floor Angelina attempted a triple L-turn but her heel dropped early, then on her double arabian she went out of bounds with both feet, she also performed a Memmel and double wolf turn and then went for her piked full-in where she also went out of bounds, she finished with a stuck double pike. The out of bound deductions kept her in second place with a 53.732

Tabea Alt (GER), who was celebrating her 17th birthday the day the competition was contested, had the joy of winning all-around gold in front of her home crowd.  She opened with a double twisting yurchenko that was landed with a step to the side then on bars she had a good first half of the routine with a Maloney to Pak and then a Van Leeuwen and a piked jeager release but after the release she did not manage to reach the handstand and her hips came to rest in the high bar where she took impulse to prepare for her double layout dismount which landed on her knees. On beam after a very risky mount, layout to two feet,  she performed her acro series (side aerial into two layout step outs) the same acro series on which Alice Kinsella fell. Her performance on beam was secure throughout the entire routine but she did go over time. On Floor she opened with a full twisting double back,  had a turn series of double L-turn into full turn and finished with a stuck double pike to win gold with a 54.199.

You can watch the full meet (with the exception of Alice Kinsella’s routines) HERE


1. The competition took place the day Tabea Alt  (GER) turned 17 years old. Tabea was born on March 18th 2000.

2. Alice Kinsella (GBR) who finished 7th had her 16th birthday the previous Monday to the competition. Alice was born on March 13th 2001

3. First senior international competition for Morgan Hurd and Alice Kinsella.

4. Just 0.034 difference between the bronze medal and the fourth place. Morgan Hurd scored a 53.265 against Pauline Schaefer’s 53.231

5. The highest scores

  • Vault: Morgan Hurd (14.366)
  • Uneven Bars: Angelina Melnikova (14.400)
  • Beam: Tabea Alt (14.066)
  • Floor: Tabea Alt (13.500)


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