10 Cool Facts From the 2017 Doha World Cup

10 Cool Facts from the 2017 Doha World Cup

1. Top qualifier to the vault final, Wang Yan, had to withdraw after sustaining an injury on Floor during the qualification round.

2. After Wang Yan’s withdrawal, the gymnasts placed 2nd to 4th (Chusovitina, Little, Belak) in the qualification round jumped one spot to earn gold, silver and bronze respectively in the vault final.

3. Chusovitina, Little and Belak won the exact same medals a week earlier at the 2017 Baku World Cup.

4. Third straight vault silver in a row for Emily Little after winning her first at home in late February at the first Melbourne World Cup, then in Baku and now in Doha.

5. The first time in the last three competitions that Rianna Mizzen does not medal on the uneven bars. She had won bronze at home in the Melbourne, then silver in Baku but after falling on her Hindorff release she placed 5th in Doha.

6. Lynn Genhart first senior international competition, she placed 6th in the uneven bars final.

7. Twin sisters, Vendula and Adela Merkova, first senior international competition. They placed 6th and 7th respectively in the Floor Final.

8. Catalina Ponor did not advance to the Floor Final because she fell on her third pass, 2.5 twist to punch front layout, during the qualification round. She was the third reserve to the Floor Final

9. Three gymnasts won two medals

10. Medal Count:

  • China: 3 Gold (Bars, Beam and Floor), 1 Bronze (Beam)
  • Australia: 2 Silver (Vault & Floor), 1 Bronze (Bars)
  • Uzbekistan: 1 Gold (Vault)
  • Hungary: 1 Silver (Bars)
  • Romania: 1 Silver (Beam)
  • Slovenia: 1 Bronze (Vault)
  • Croatia: 1 Bronze (Floor)


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