Chinese dominate the 2017 Doha World Cup

In Doha, Oksana Chusovitina added won more Vault Title to her bag. In the uneven bars final, Rianna Mizzen missed her Hindorff release while Liu Tinting lost control on a pirouetting skill and jumped off the high bar opening the road for Australia’s Georgia Rose Brown who took the bronze despite catching her Pak to close to the bar. Silver medallist Zsofia Kovacs fell on her bars dismount but still managed to place second due to her high level of difficulty so Luo Huan took the gold with ease after a Chinese standard routine.

Luo Huan would take bronze on beam, behind Catalina Ponor and of course, the queen of beam was Liu Tingting. In the Floor Final Liu Tinting would also walk away with the gold medal followed by Emily Little and Croatia’s Ana Derek

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Azerbaijan’s Yulia Inshina had two good vaults but the difficulty was low as she competed a Yurchenko full and a handspring front pike to place 6th. Slovenia’s Tjasa Kysselef also did well but on her second vault a Yurchenko 1 and ½ she took a couple of steps sideways and incurred in a 0.1 neutral deduction for stepping out of the line and placed 5th. Zsofia Kovacs presented a double twisting Yurchenko as her first vault but took a big hop forward on the landing and most likely the mistake cost her a bronze medal as she finished 4th overall.

Slovenia’s Teja Belak had two clean vaults the first a handspring front full and the second a Yurchenko 1 and ½ to win bronze with an average of 14.083. Once again Emily Little did a good double twisting Yurchenko and Tsukahara full for a 14.099 and the silver medal. And the queen of vault Oksana Chusovitina once more took gold with her handspring front full and Tsukahara 1 and ½ to average a 14.166


Ivana Kanmikar competed a routine that included a piked jeager, a jeager release and a double front dismount for a 12.400 and 8th place. Vendula Merkova from the Czech Republic also presented a piked jeager and had a double pike dismount to place 7th.  New senior Switzerland’s Lynn Genhart presented a Maloney to Pak, a Van Leeuwen, a piked jeager and double layout dismount to place 6th.

Australia’s Rianna Mizzen went for her Maloney into Hindorff but missed her release, after remounting she did her Pak and Van Leeuwen and stuck her dismount for a fifth place finish. China’s Liu Tingting also had an unfortunate bars routine after losing control on one of her pirouetting skills and being forced to jump off the high bar. She scored a 13.000 for a fourth place finish.

Georgia Rose Brown opened with a toe-on full on the low bar, a Maloney to Pak, jeager release and a double front dismount. Despite catching her Pak to close to the low bar she managed to score just a tiny bit higher than Liu Tingting to take the bronze with a 13.033

Zsofia Kovacs opened with a sequence of inbar to inbar full arching her back before going into her Maloney to Pak, she also had a beautifully executed piked jeager and everything was going well until her full in dismount where she fell. Despite the major mistake Zsofia managed to win the silver medal with a score of 13.066.

Luo Huan had the highest execution score with a 8.433, all her skills were cleanly performed: Maloney to Pak, Healy to Ling to piked jeager and a stuck double layout dismount for gold with a 14.433.


Hungary’s Zsofia Kovacs had a very big wobble in her first skill, front aerial, and then came off on her acro-series, back handspring layout step out, she remained tentative for the rest of her routine although she did stick her dismount, a double tuck. She placed 8th.  Australia’s Emma Nedov also fell on her acro series but peroformed securely for the rest of her routine to place 7th. Turkey’s Goksu Uctas Sanli had a somewhat easy routine but executed it cleanly to place 6th the highlight of her routine was an original full turn jump done sideways on the beam. Croatia’s Ana Derek had only one major break in a jump but otherwise had a strong beam routine valued with a 5.0 difficulty value to place 5th.

Australia’s Emily Little had only one major wobble on a jump but otherwise was quite secure on her front tuck, wolf turn, acro series and almost stuck double pike dismount for a 13.200 that left her 4th.  Luo Huan showed an amazing amount of difficulty including a round off layout and almost stuck her dismount to claim the bronze medal.

Catalina Ponor had a major wobble in her brand new mount, back handspring layout step out, but was otherwise perfect performing securely her acro series, backhandspring to layout step out, her Onodi to split jump to Omelianchik as well as her front aerial to ring jump. Her dismount was almost stuck just one tiny step to the side. Her 13.900 placed her second overall.

Liu Tingting had an amazing routine full of difficulty. Her mount was a punch front then she went for a front handspring to front tuck, another highlight of her routine was her front aerial into split ring jump into Korbut. She placed first with a 14.466


Oksana Chusovitina placed 8th due to low difficulty however her E-score 8.066 was the third highest of the Floor Final. Twins Vendula and Adela Merkova from the Czech Republic placed 6th and 7th respectively also due to low difficulty however their routines showed a lot of expressiveness. Turkey’s Goksu Uctas Sanli placed 5th with a 12.600 after incurring in a 0.1 neutral deduction for going out of bounds.

Hungary’s Zsofia Kovacs placed fourth after a routine that featured a double layout, a low tucked full in and a double tuck with a step back. Croatia’s Ana Derek performed creatively to the music and presented a tucked full in, double tuck, 2.5 twist as well as a Memmel turn to take the bronze medal.

Emily Little opened with a double wolf turn, stuck her double layout, had a tiny step on her tucked full in as well as her double tuck and a hop on her final pass a double pike to take the silver medal with a 13.133.

Liu Tingting managed to take her second gold of the day after a routine that included a triple twist into punch front, a double L-turn, a 2.5 twist that just barely stayed in bounds and a double tuck to score a 13.366 to place 1st.


10 Cool Facts from the 2017 Doha World Cup


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