10 Cool Facts From the 2011 European Championships in Berlin

1. Reigning World Champion, Aliya Mustafina, qualified 1st to the all-around, bars and beam final as well as 3rd on vault and 2nd on Floor.

2. Aliya Mustafina tore her ACL while competing an Amanar the day the all-around final was contested. That was the last time she ever competed the Amanar and never competed two vaults again making her ineligible for vault finals.

3. Mustafina’s teammate, Anna Dementyeva won the all-around title by a 0.775 margin despite having only a full twisting Yurchenko as vault.

4. Last major international competition for Ariella Kaeslin (bronze, vault) she retired in July of that year.

5. Elizabeth Tweddle won her fourth and last European Uneven Bars title.

6. Italy placed 2nd and 3rd in the beam final, those two medals are the only ones Italy owns on beam at European Championships.

7. Among the medalists there were two new seniors: Carlotta Ferlito (15/FEB/1995) & Yulia Belokobylskaya (14/DEC/1995)

8. Sandra Izbasa’s Floor Music was named “Tango Amore”

9. Home-country Germany won three medals: silver in the all-around & vault and bronze on bars.

10. Medal Count

  • Russia:
    • 2 Golds: All-around & Beam (Dementyeva)
    • 1 Silver: Uneven Bars (Nabieva)
    • 1 Bronze: Floor (Belokobylskaya)
  • Romania:
    • 2 Golds: Vault & Floor (Izbasa)
    • 1 Silver: Floor (Chelaru)
    • 1 Bronze: All-around (Racea)
  • Germany
    • 1 Silver: All-around (Seitz), Vault (Chusovitina)
    • 1 Bronze: Uneven Bars (Bui)
  • Italy
    • 1 Silver: Beam (Ferlito)
    • 1 Bronze: Beam (Preziosa)
  • Great Britain
    • 1 Gold: Uneven Bars (Tweddle)
  • Switzerland
    • 1 Bronze: Vault (Kaeslin)

BONUS: Watch montages regarding the 2011 Europeans: The Faces &Vault, The Routines (Bars and Beam), The Floor, The Falls & Disappointments and a Tribute Montage wishing Aliya Mustafina a fast recovery.


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