10 Cool Facts from the 2017 London World Cup

1. Elissa Downie, the newly crowned British All-Around National Champion, was scheduled to compete however an injury forced her to withdraw and Georgia Mae Fenton was named as her replacement.

2. Georgia Mae Fenton was forced to withdraw after sustaining an injury in warm-ups prior to the start of the competition.

3. From the competitors: Amy Tinkler and Tisha Volleman had competed at the 2017 American Cup while Angelina Melnikova and Tabea Alt had competed at the 2017 Stuttgart World Cup.

4. Second consecutive win for Tabea Alt; the first one was the day of her 17th birthday in home-soil at the Stuttgart World Cup.

5. First time Amy Tinkler performs on the Floor Exercise after her bronze medal performance in Rio 2016. Even though she competed at the American Cup she did not perform on Floor.

6. There was a tie for the highest score on uneven bars between Tabea Alt and Spain’s Ana Pérez, 13.833.

7. Ana Pérez uneven bars routine included four release skills: Piked Jeager, Church, Ray and Geinger.

8. Five gymnasts performed double twisting Yurchenkos: Melnikova, Volleman, Tinkler, Alt, and Nguyen with Tinkler scoring the highest of all with a 14.600

9. The difference between the third and fourth place: Tinkler (53.433) and Pérez (53.299) was only of 0.134

10. Tisha Volleman’s Floor Music is from Cirque Du Soleil and it is called “Mutation”


Tabea Alt Golden Again This Time at the 2017 London World Cup

Tabea Alt’s Golden Birthday at the 2017 Stuttgart World Cup also 5 Cool Facts

10 Cool Facts from the 2017 American Cup




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