Tabea Alt Golden Again This Time At The 2017 London World Cup.

With Europeans two weeks away this All-Around World Cup was the final warm-up for European gymnasts aiming to make their country’s team.


On the first rotation we saw plenty of Double Twisting Yurchenkos: Melnikova’s was low landed and with her chest down, Tisha Volleman’s was good with just a step backwards, Amy Tinkler completely stuck her vault, Tabea Alt also stuck hers, Victoria Nguyen gave one step to the side and out of the line incurring in neutral deduction. Only Ana Pérez and Ilaria Kaeslin did a full twisting Yurchenko while China’s Liu Jinru attempted a Tsukhara double but crashed her vault and was visibly injured afterwards.


On bars Tisha Volleman had very nice lines, a Jeager release and did a full in dismount. Amy Tinkler’s routine was full of difficulty with toe-on full into a Maloney into Tkachev, a Pak that had big leg separation; she also performed a Van Leeuwen and a Markelov and stuck her full-in dismount.

China’s Liu Jinru had a Jeager release and also did a Tkachev into Pak and then on her Maloney she slipped off the high bar flying backwards and falling on her back. Her fall had nothing to do with her ankle but when she stood up she was once again limping, she took too much time to remount and incurred in a neutral 0.3 deduction. She re-did her Maloney and linked it to a Geinger and had a good full in dismount.

Tabea Alt did her Stalder into toe-on full into Maloney into Pak, Van Leeuwen, piked Jeager, and a double layout dismount. She had very good execution throughout her routine. Ilaria Kaeslin did a Stalder to Endo in the low bar, had a Tkachev release and a double pike dismount. USA’s Victoria Nguyen did a Maloney into Geinger and also had a layout Jeager a Pak and a double layout dismount.

Spain’s, Ana Pérez, was the surprise of the rotation after presenting four release skills, piked Jeager, Church, Ray and a Maloney into immediate Geinger her dismount was also quite difficult a full twisting double layout.

Angelina Melnikova did a Komova II to Pak, Van Leeuwen, piked jeager however when she was going for her toe-on full she had a hesitation and instead did a swing and then went for her dismount which went very wrong she took enormous steps forward and just barely managed to keep her hands from touching the ground.


On beam Amy Tinkler went for a Gainer into two layout stepouts and as a result she had a major wobble that forced her to grab the beam with her hands; split leap into front aerial with a major wobble, she opted not to do her standing full, skill on which she fell at the American Cup, and instead competed a simple back tuck. Her dismount was a double twist.

Liu Jinru fell on her very first skill on beam a roundoff layout then went for a switch ring leap, a side aerial, side somi, and a double twist dismount. After her routine she was seen limping once more and pretty heavily, she iced her ankle and at that point it seemed impossible for her to perform on the floor exercise.

Tabea Alt did a round off layout into two feet as her mount,  then went for her signature acro series, side aerial into two layout stepouts, front aerial into straddle jump, split leap to side aerial, but went overtime and landed her double pike dismount on her knees. The fall damaged more than just her E-score she was also seen icing her ankle afterwards.

Victoria Nguyen did a back handspring into two layout stepouts but had a big wobble at the end, she also intended to connect her front aerial into her ring jump but the connection took too long and was most likely not credited. She also had an original combination of side aerial into back tuck but had a big wobble at the end, a Y-turn, a switch leap into Onodi into sheep jump. Like Tabea she also went overtime but had a good 2.5 twist dismount.

Ana Pérez performed solidly on beam, with an L-turn, a back handspring to layout stepout, front tuck into split jump, side somi, side aerial, as well as a double pike dismount. Tisha Volleman fell on her punch front mount, did an L-turn which was most likely meant to be linked to her double turn, side somi, full turn jump in the side of the beam, double twist dismount.

Ilaria Kaeslin had many wobbles almost after every skill which meant no connection bonus would be awarded, the highlight of her routine was her solid acros series: backhandspring, backhandspring, layout stepout but also went over time. She did a double twist dismount.

Melnikova opted not to do her double wolf turn at the beginning of her routine which meant she would have lower D-value then she did her front aerial into split jump but after a big wobble at the end she opted not to do her third skill, loosing connection value and lowering her D-score even more. She also fell on an acro-series which she has clearly not dominated. The second half of her routine was better, front tuck, L-turn into full turn, straddle jump into wolf jump, side somi, double pike dismount.


Liu Jinru surprisingly did compete floor and actually did quite well. Her routine was entertaining and her only major mistake was an out of bounds in her two and a half twist into punch front. She also performed a triple twist, a tucked full in, and a double tuck. She also did a very good triple turn.

Ilaria Kaeslin also had a very entertaining routine; she did a 2.5 twist into punch front tuck, a Memmel, a double tuck and a double twist, as well as a double L-turn.

Tisha Volleman performed to Cirque Du Soleil’s music “Mutation” and did a very expressive performance that was opened by a quadruple turn into a double turn. She did a double tuck and a very short double twist, and sat down her last tumbling pass.

Angelina Melnikova did a double L-turn into double turn, a double Arabian, a double layout, a Memmel, a double wolf turn, a full twisting double pike where she put her hands down and a double pike to finish. Melnikova had entered fifth to this rotation after one more fall it was clear she would stay fifth (52.599).

Amy Tinkler who was fourth going into the last rotation, opened with a full twisting double layout, then a double layout, a front handspring into front full for her third pass and double pike to finish.

Ana Pérez, had been the surprise of the competition and the light of hope for Spanish gymnastics, she had an incredible bars routine and solid beam. She needed an excellent floor to stand a chance for the podium and she certainly did her best: a full twisting double back, a double tuck, a triple turn, a double L-turn as well as a double pike. In the end she finished fourth missing the bronze by a 0.134. Ana scored a 53.299 against Amy Tinkler’s 53.433

Victoria Nguyen opened with a full twisting double back, a triple twist, a Y-turn that was intended to be double (Memmel) but that ended up being a simple Y-turn, a 2.5 twist and a double tuck for second place with a 53.832

Tabea Alt who came into the last rotation as the leader performed a full twisting double back, a double tuck, a double L-turn and a double pike to seal her victory with a 54.598. This is her second All-Around World Cup victory after her win in home-soil in Stuttgart in mid-march.


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