2017 Euros AA Review: Elissa Downie Reigns in Romania

The new seniors and home girls Olivia Cimpian and Ioana Crisan finished 23rd and 18th respectively. For Olivia her struggle came on bars while Ioana’s was on beam. Eythora Thorsdottir who had qualified 5th into the final had a bad day with falls from both bars and beam to finish 12th while Tabea Alt who had qualified 3rd into the final missed it due to illness, in her absence veteran Kim Bui did extremely well to finish fifth with a 53.499

As for the Russians they kept Kapitonova in their line-up after the surprise of having Melnikova not advance due to two falls during the qualification round and while Kapitonova did improve her 12th place in qualifications to a 9th place in the final, she was not in contention for a medal at any moment. Unlike Eremina who was fighting for bronze until beam came and she missed her mount, had she not fallen and lost a full point because of it she would have place 3rd since she scored a 54.266, which was 0.799 away from bronze.

Surprisingly Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos rose to bronze after qualifying only 7th, Melanie’s victory was in big part due to her beam routine, she had the highest score of all competitors in the apparatus with a 13.833. Her final score was of 55.065.

As for gold and silver it was a tight fight between Elissa Downie and Zsofia Kovacs, Kovacs lead throughout almost the entire competition but when Floor came her difficulty of 4.9 was just too low in contrast to Elissa Downie who had the highest score of all competitors on the apparatus with a 13.833 to take gold with a 55.765 against Kovacs 55.432

You can watch the competition in the Eurovision site


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