2017 Euros BB Review: Catalina Ponor golden for the fifth time.

Because of Rebecca Downie’s injury she had to withdraw from the beam final meaning the 9th gymnast would go up and compete however there was a tie for ninth between Zsofia Kovacs and Claudia Fragapane so the final had 9 gymnasts.

Tabea Alt reknown for her beam work opened the competition, she had missed the all-around final due to illness and that might have affected her performance on the final as well as she had a very upsetting beam set. She mounted well, round off layout, but fell on her signature beam acro series side aerial into two layouts, had a big wobble on her front aerial and also went overtime as the bell rang the first time when she was about to perform her side somi, sadly she crashed her double pike for a rather low score of 10.966

Sanne Wevers had her own struggles after a big wobble on her first skill a wolf jump full, the wobble made her miss her connection to the Kochetkova, a tentative double L-turn, side aerial to side aerial little wobble, front aerial another wobble, her triple turn was as impressive as always but overall her routine was quite tentative and with many broken connections as well as a neutral deduction for going overtime that gave her a score of only 13.341.

Third up was home-girl Larisa Iordache, top qualifier and beam European Champion in 2013, recovering from injury this was her first major competition in a long time. She was secure throughout the routine and performed perfectly her back handspring into full twist however she paused after her front aerial not performing her second skill losing some D-score value, her side somi was perfect and everything was going well until her triple twist dismount where she took enormous steps back, scoring only a 13.966. With that score whether she would make it to the podium was highly questionable since so many gymnasts were still waiting for their turn to perform.

Fourth up was Claudia Fragapane who opened with a perfect standing Arabain, switch leap into wolf jump but then had a rather painful-looking fall after missing her feet on her back handspring layout. She remounted to do a standing full that was very well done and dismounted with a double twist for a 12.533

Fifth up was teammate Elissa Downie who did a front tuck with a small hop to the front, a perfect standing Arabian, a double turn with a big wobble, also a tiny wobble in her acrobatic series back handsrping into layout and dismounted with a 2.5 twist with a step to the front. With too many execution errors piling up Elissa did not manage to surpass Iordache who was at a provisional first place, Elissa scored a 13.433

Sixth was Eythora Thorsdottir who graced the beam looking secure throughout her routine. She began with a split leap to side aerial to Korbut, ring jump, illusion turn, front aerial to split jump to stag ring jump, a well-controlled L-turn, a split leap to full Y turn and a well-executed triple twist dismount. Her routine was enough to top Iordache and take the provisional first place with a 14.066

Seventh up was the Queen of Beam Catalina Ponor who mounted with a round off layout perfectly stuck, then did a perfect back handspring to two layouts, wolf jump to split leap, switch ring, Onodi to split jump to Omelianchik, front aerial into ring jump, full turn, and double pike dismount with a big step back.

Catalina Ponor’s score took quite long plus the crowd was ecstatic making it difficult to concentrate for the next gymnast, Marine Boyer, who did not have a routine for a first place finish but certainly a routine that could medal in silver or bronze which would take Iordache out of the podium. Sadly for Marine she had bad luck to go after Catalina, she opened with a double wolf turn but came off on her round off layout. She remounted to perform securely even though a medal was no longer in contention. Her routine included a front aerial into split jump to wolf jump, side aerial to split leap to side somi and a double pike dismount with a tiny step back. A rather upsetting routine as her fall had cost her a full point and her score was exactly a full point lower than Iordache (12.966) meaning that without the fall she could have at the very least tied for bronze.

Last up was Zsofia Kovacs who did a clean routine but her difficulty was in no way a threat for anyone on the top three spots. Her routine included a back handspring layout, side somi, full turn, split jump to wolf jump and a nearly stuck double tuck dismount for a 13.133 and sixth place.

So the Queen was crowned for the fifth time, Eythora Thorsdottir took a graceful silver and Iordache took a victorious bronze considering the amount of injuries she has suffered in the last year.

You can watch the competition in the Eurovision site


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