2017 Euros FX Review: Angelina Melnikova surprises and takes the gold.

First up was Italian Lara Mori who opened with a full twisting double back, Memmel into illusion turn, 2.5 twist into front layout, triple twist, and a double pike for a 13.566

Next up was Pauline Schaeffer who opened with a double layout, a beautiful double attitude turn to double turn, double pike and a solid triple turn for a 13.533.

Third up was Elena Eremina with a full twisting double back, Memmel, 2.5 twist into punch front, double tuck. Overall her difficulty was low, only 5.000 meaning Eremina would finish last with a score of 13.466.

Fourth up was Eythora Thorsdottir who is re-known for her beautiful floor work, and who opened with a triple twist into punch front that went out of bounds with one foot for a neutral 0.1 deduction, double tuck tiny step back, she performed solidly her double L-turn, into double turn, into Memmel into illusion turn, 2.5 twist for her last tumble for a high 13.700 that placed her in a provisional first place.

Fifth up was Angelina Melnikova, double L-turn into double turn, a double Arabian for her first pass, double layout for her second, Memmel to full turn, double wolf turn, full twisting double pike, and double pike for her last pass for a 14.100 and a provisional first place.

Next up was Elissa Downie with a double twisting double back, a double Arabian with a bit of a deep landing, double pike and after an excellent routine she scored 0.034 lower than Melnikova with a 14.066.

Next up was Downie’s teammate Claudia Fragapane who opened with a stuck full twisting double layout, unfortunately she went out of bounds with both feet on her double Arabian, her third pass a double layout to wolf jump and a double pike to finish. Despite the massive difficulty the out of bounds neutral deduction of 0.3 was enough to leave her out of podium as she missed bronze by a difference of only 0.167 with a 13.533.

The last up on Floor was Kim Bui who performed beautifully with a double layout, a double tuck, 2.5 twist to punch front and double pike to finish for a fourth place with a 13.566.

And with that result Angelina Melnikova became European Champion on Floor with Elissa Downie taking silver and Eythora Thorsdottir taking her second medal of the competition, bronze on Floor.

You can watch the competition in the Eurovision site


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