2017 Euros UB Review: Nina Derwael Belgium’s first ever gold medalist

Nina’s win of the gold medal was not unexpected as she had been a reserve for the Olympic Bars final in Rio 2016.

This is how the competition unfolded…

Melanie de Jesús Dos Santos (FRA) opened the competition and sadly had a fall on her Tkachev when her hands completely missed the bar in the release move, she remounted to do a Pak and a Van Leeuwen and a full twisting double layout for a 11.700 with only a 4.9 difficulty value.

The second gymnast up was Elissa Downie (GBR) who had two releases in her routine: a Maloney to Hindorff and a piked Tkachev as well as a Van Leeuwen and a double layout dismount for a 14.133.

Third up was Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) who began with a Maloney then a Pak but jumped off the low bar after the Pak, she remounted to do a Van Leeuwen and a piked Jeager. She stuck her dismount for a 13.100

German Kim Bui (GER) was fourth up with a piked Jeager to Pak, a Maloney into Bhardwaj and then Van Leeuwen she also had a Geinger release and nearly stuck her dismount for a 13.900. She was tied for the second highest difficulty score with a 6.0 D-value

Russian Yelena Yeremina (RUS) was fifth up and she impressed with a Nabieva into an immediate Pak and a Van Leeuwen back to the high bar with a bit of leg separation, she also did a piked Jeager and a good dismount with only a step to the side. She scored a 14.300 for a provisional first place. Like Kim Bui she had a 6.0 D-value routine.

Elisabeth Seitz (GER) was sixth up, her routine included three release skills: Maloney to Ricna, Jeager and Downie however her dismount was a bit off with a big step to the side. Her score tied Elissa Downie, 14.133. At this point Eremina lead followed by Seitz and Downie who were tied in second.

Belgian Nina Derwael (BEL) was absolutely impressive on bars with two release skills: a Downie and a Tweddle into Ezhova as well as a Pak and a Van Leeuwen. Her execution was also quite good so after she dismounted the gold medal was hers for sure pushing Eremina to second. Nina had the highest score in both difficulty and execution her 6.1 D-value was added to an 8.533 in E-score to result in a massive 14.633

Last up was the defending European Champion Rebecca Downie (GBR), if she managed the routine she had planned she would push her little sister out of the podium into fourth place however that would be for the joy of both sisters. After an excellent routine in both terms of execution and difficulty Rebecca was going for her third release (a Geinger) when she fell into her knees. The fall seemed quite a simple one, disappointing but nothing more, however after she rolled into her back and started crying, her little sister was in tears to, she would get a bronze (tied with Seitz) but at such high cost her sister had an injured elbow. Because the routine was near to the end and it had been done so perfectly Rebecca scored a 13.000 even after absorbing a 0.5 neutral deduction for not having a dismount.

So in the end it was glory for Nina Derwael as she became the first ever Belgian gymnast to win gold at a European Championships, silver for Yelena Yeremina who managed to keep the Russian tradition on bars and a tie for bronze between Seitz and the young Downie.

You can watch the competition in the Eurovision site


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