2017 Euros VT Review: Coline Devillard France’s first ever European Vault Champion

Coline Devillard made history for France while Elissa Downie vaulted to a solid second and Boglarka Devai was a happy bronze medallist. Maria Paseka, in her first international competition since Rio 2016, finished fourth.

Angelina Melnikova (RUS) opened the competition with a good double twisting Yurchenko however the landing on her second vault was a complete mess she even stepped out of the sideline incurring in a 0.3 neutral deduction. Her final score was of only a 14.000

The Netherlands Tisha Volleman (NED) also opened with a double twisting Yurchenko and had a very good second vault. Her execution on both vaults was particularly good and in the end she placed 5th with a 14.250

Third up was Elissa Downie (GBR) who also had a double twisting Yurchenko with a little of a deep landing but her second vault was very well executed for a provisional first place with a 14.350.

Fourth up was Hungary’s Boglarka Devai (HUN) who had a high in the air double twisting Yurchenko and a solid second vault that she knew immediately would place her in contention as she was overwhelmed with joy after performing on the apparatus and when the score came up she was second behind Downie with a 14.317.

Fifth up was Teja Belak (SLO) who did a 5.4 difficulty vault even though it was not a double twisting Yurchenko it was a handspring front layout full.  Her second vault was a nearly stuck 1.5 Yurchenko that placed her 7th overall with a 14.183 at the end of the competition. Teja, who was celebrating her birthday the day the final was contested, had an excellent day when everyone sang her Happy Birthday after her second vault.

Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) nearly stuck her Double Twisting Yurchenko however her second vault, a Tsukahara full was valued out of only a 4.8 and even though it was greatly executed she would place 6th overall at the end of the competition with a 14.200

Maria Paseka (RUS) opened with her López vault, the same second vault the first four gymnasts had done and after seeing so many gymnasts before her do the same vault it was clear hers was not nearly as well executed as the other gymnasts had done it, as she had big leg separation in the air as well as bent knees. She had an Amanar as second vault that she landed with some steps back, in the end the added difficulty of the Amanar was not enough to secure her a medal as she was third (14.283) with one gymnast to go.

Coline Devillard (FRA) had a Rudi vault with the same difficulty as an Amanar and she had good execution, better than what Paseka had done with her own Amanar, so she had the difficulty advantage and she would only need a solid double twisting Yurchenko to contend not only for a medal but for the gold medal and she easily won it with an average of 14.467.

You can watch the competition in the Eurovision site


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