10 Cool Facts from the 2017 Koper World Cup

1. First competition back for Canada’s Elsabeth Black since the Rio Olympics. She qualified to all four finals and won three silver medals: UB, BB and FX and placed fourth on vault.

2. The home-country Slovenia claimed a bronze medal through Teja Belak’s vaults. Teja had already won a bronze medal earlier this year at the 2017 Baku World Cup.

3. Larisa Iordache and Elsabeth Black scored the same in the uneven bars final however the tiebreaker favored Iordache as her execution score was 8.400 (5.4 difficulty) against Black’s 7.900 (5.9 difficulty)

4. Thais Fidelis presented a back handspring into Arabian on beam, she landed it but was unbalanced and after a long fight she jumped off. She still won the bronze medal.

5. In a shocking surprise, experienced beam worker Flavia Saraiva fell while walking down the beam, she was not performing a skill.

6. Saraiva’s day only got worse when she fell on her first tumbling pass in the floor final and injured her ankle.

7. The music of the gold medal winning routine on Floor  (Carina Kroll, Germany) was “Hit The Road Jack”

8. The oldest medalist was Teja Belak (SLO) who turned 23 the day the European Vault Final was contested and the youngest was Thais Fidelis (BRA) who is a new senior.

9. Among the medalists there were three recent participants at the latest European Championships.

  • Boglarka Devai who was the vault bronze medallist in Cluj-Napoca and who claimed silver in the vault at this competition.
  • Teja Belak who placed 7th at Europeans and who won bronze on vault at this competition.
  • Larisa Iordache who was the beam bronze medalist in Cluj-Napoca and who collected two medals at this competition gold on bars and beam.

10. Medal Count.

  • Brazil: 1 Gold (Andrade), 2 Bronzes (Saraiva & Fidelis)
  • Canada: 3 Silvers (Black)
  • Romania: 2 Gold s (Iordache)
  • Germany: 1 Gold (Kroll)
  • Hungary: 1 Silver (Devai)
  • Slovenia: 1 Bronze (Belak)
  • Slovakia: 1 Bronze (Mokosova)



2017 Koper World Cup: Flavia Saraiva went from joy to sadness to injury. 

A week after her horrible day in Koper, Flavia Saraiva won two medals at the 2017 Osijek World Cup. 

General Overview: The 2017 Europeans in Cluj-Napoca

20 Cool Facts from the 2017 Europeans in Cluj-Napoca






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