2017 Koper World Cup: Flavia Saraiva went from joy to sadness to injury.

The first World Cup since the recently finished European Championships in Cluj-Napoca. 

Brazilian Flavia Saraiva won a medal on bars but fell while walking down the beam and then injured her ankle on her first pass on Floor. It took the judges quite a long time to determine her score of 3.250. She counted a 1 for her D-score, 8.850 for execution and a 6.60 in penalties for all the missed elements in her un-finished routine. Despite the huge disappointment, there was no major injury and she successfully competed at the Osijek World Cup a week later.

As for the rest of the competition, Rebeca Andrade impressed with the clean form of her vaults. Larisa Iordache took gold on bars, with a solid routine that shows she’s preparing for the World Championships, better yet she impressed with her beam routine, could a World medal could finally come true for Larisa? And finally, Carina Kroll from Germany took the gold on Floor to the music “Hit The Road Jack”

Jump to our cool facts from the event or continue reading for the performances in detail.


Rose Woo (CAN) stuck her first vault, the full twisting Yurchenko, which was very well executed. Her second vault was a simple front pike that was landed with a big step forward and just barely within the sidelines. The low difficulty of the front pike left her 8th with an average of 13.150

Anastasia Bieliaieva (UKR) had a full twisting Yurchenko for her first vault, good in the air but slightly uncontrolled in the landing, big step back and neutral deduction of 0.1 for stepping outside of the sidelines. Her second vault was better in execution with a more controlled landing, just a step back and barely managing to keep it within the sidelines. She placed 7th with an average of 13.200.

Michelle Timm (GER) had good execution in her first vault just a hop back in the landing however the difficulty value was low. Her second vault was a full twisting Yurchenko with a bit of a pike and a hop back. She averaged a 13.400 to place 6th.

Tjana Tkalcec (CRO) had a good first vault that she landed in the center line and just took one step back. Her second vault was a full twisting Yurchenko also with a step back to average a 13.450 to place 5th.

Vault specialist Elsabeth Black (CAN) had a very clean first vault, handspring front layout full, however her second vault lacked control in the landing and she was forced to take a large step forward. The execution mistakes in her second vault along with its low D-value, only a 4.4, meant she placed fourth with an average of 13.725.

Teja Belak (SLO) had a very good first vault, handspring front layout full, landed in the center of the line, however her second vault a 1 and ½ Yurchenko was done with a big hop to the side that made her step outside of the sidelines incurring in the 0.1 neutral deduction. Still, it was enough for her to claim bronze at home with an average of 14.025.

Boglarka Devai (HUN) the bronze medalist at the most recent European Championships opened with a double twisting Yurchenko that had crossed legs in the air and a step in the landing. Her second vault, a López, had very good execution just a step back for an average of 14.150 and the silver medal.

Rebeca Andrade easily took the vault title with two very clean vaults, the same Boglarka Devai did, however, Andrade had such a good execution that she scored 9.300 in E-score on both vaults and claimed gold by a 0.450 difference with an average of 14.600


Michelle Timm (GER) had a Jeager then did a Pak but arched her back to much in the low bar and was forced to jump off. She was the only gymnast to fall in this final so her mistake meant she finished 8th with an 11.600.

Yana Fedorova (UKR) struggled on the high bar and muscled up a handstand, she had a Jeager release and just a layout dismount off the bars for a 12.550

Rose Woo (CAN) opened with a toe-on full pirouette and then arched her back quite heavily but managed to get back on track to perform her Tkachev, Pak with leg separation, Maloney back to the high bar and once again an arched back but once again she recovered to deliver her double front dismount with a small hop back to score a 12.950 and sixth place.

New senior Caitlin Rooskrantz (RSA) was perhaps the revelation of the final as she had a set ready to put South Africa back in the gymnastics map. Her routine included a Maloney to Pak, Van Leeuwen, Piked Jeager, straddle Jeager with flexed feet and a 2.5 twist as dismount for a fifth place finish with a 13.150.

Barbara Mokosova (SVK) opened with a Jeager then went for a Pak into stalder into Maloney and had a double pike dismount. Her form was very clean and she just barely missed bronze, 0.05 difference, as she scored a 13.400 and placed fourth.

Flavia Saraiva (BRA) showed a toe-on full pirouette into tkachev, piked tkachev into Pak and a double front dismount with a step forward to score a 13.450 and claim the bronze medal.

Elsabeth Black (CAN) had the most difficult routine with a 5.9. Maloney into Hindorff, Shang with execution issues, piked Jeager into Pak however her legs were completely separated in the Pak and a simple but stuck dismount. The difficulty was impressive and enough to make her score a 13.800 but the execution score was low in comparison only a 7.900

Larisa Iordache (ROU) delivered a 5.4 difficulty value routine that included a Ttkachev into Pak, Van Leeuwen, Jeager, toe-on full pirouette into immediate dismount. While she scored the same as Elsabeth Black, 13.800, her execution was clearly far better than Black’s and she took gold in what we can only hope is an inspiration for her teammates as she showed Romanian gymnasts can conquer the bars.


Rose Woo (CAN) opened with a front tuck into split jump very well executed, back handspring layout acro series that she stuck, full turn, side somi, front aerial, and then her dismount a double pike to her forehead. It was quite a scary fall and she did not land feet first. Her score was of only 11.550 but up until her dismount it was  a medal-worthy routine.

Carina Kroll (GER) began with an illusion turn that had a wobble, side somi with a wobble as well, side aerial, back handspring, layout (landed at the very end of the beam) into 1.5 twist dismount big step to the side for a 12.400  and sixth place.

Barbara Mokosova (SVK) opened with split leap, back handspring layout for her acro series, split leap into side aerial, split jump wolf jump, front aerial with a wobble she could not connect it to her jump to touch the head, full L-turn into full turn which was not very well executed, side somi, stuck dismount for a 12.400 and fifth place.

Flavia Saraiva (BRA) risky mount roundoff back handspring, then her acro series flawless back handspring into two layouts, roundoff layout stuck, double turn with slight wobble, then she walked down the beam lost her balance and shockingly fell. She remounted to do a front aerial with a wobble she could not connect it to her sheep jump, front tuck perfectly executed, stuck double pike dismount for a very sad 12.800 and a fourth place finish. Had she not fallen she would have won silver by a wide margin.

Thais Fidelis (BRA) opened with a breathtaking combination back handspring into Arabian and she landed it on the beam but was unbalanced and she fought immensely to stay on but had to jump off, full turn, back handspring to two layouts as acrobatic series with slight wobble, front aerial into split jump into straddle jump, front tuck well executed, double pike dismount tiny steps back. She scored just slightly ahead of her teammate Saraiva with a 12.850 and bronze. In terms of difficulty her routine was the second most difficult with a 5.9

Elsabeth Black (CAN) opened with a double turn with a slight wobble, front pike well executed, back handspring layout to two feet for her acro series, side somi, front tuck, stuck dismount for a 13.100. Her difficulty was low with only a 5.1 but her execution was the second best which made her score enough for silver.

Larisa Iordache (ROU) opened with a split leap into wolf jump, side aerial, back handspring with a full twist slight wobble, front aerial into split jump into back handspring, double turn, side somi slight wobble, triple twist dismount one big step back for a 14.150 (6.0 difficulty) and a well- deserved gold medal. 


Flavia Saraiva (BRA) was injured in her first pass 2.5 twist into punch front layout. It was quite a scary fall and it could have been worse than just an injured right ankle.

Thea Brogli (SUI) opened with a Memmel turn, double pike a bit low, double twist, and fell on her last tumbling to score only a 11.650.

Tamara Mirdenovic (SRB) opened with a low double tuck, stuck double twist, double L-turn into full turn, 1.5 twist for a 12.250 and sixth place.

Valeriia Osipova (UKR) opened with a stuck full twisting double back, 1.5 twist into punch front tuck into a jump, double L-turn which was not that well executed, double twist with a hop back and double tuck for a 12.400 and fifth place.

Thais Fidelis (BRA) sat down her first pass a double Arabian, full turn, triple twist, double tuck, double pike. She scored a 12.550 for a fourth place finish. She had the highest difficulty value with a 5.20 sadly the fall deprived her of what would have been a gold medal.

Barbara Mokosova (SVK) double L turn, double tuck, 1.5 twist into punch front layout. Long lines and good execution for bronze with a 12.600

Elsabeth Black (CAN) opened with a double tuck barely within bounds, then out of bounds for her second pass, double twist. She had a very energetic routine that scored a 12.850, she had the highest execution score with a 8.250 enough for another silver medal.

Carina Kroll (GER) opened with a 2.5 twist into a punch front tuck, Memmel into illusion turn, double tuck, double twist for a 13.100 and the gold medal. Her routine had the second highest difficulty and execution score with a 4.9 in D-value and 8.200 in E-score.


10 Cool Facts from the 2017 Koper World Cup

Review: A week after her horrible day in Koper, Flavia Saraiva won two medals at the 2017 Osijek World Cup. 


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