U.S. Gymnasts that have “Danced With The Stars”

Two 2008 Olympians and three 2016 Olympians have “Danced with the Stars”

Shawn Johnson  “Dancing with the Stars” Champion in Season 8

On May 19th, 2009 Shawn Johnson made history by becoming the youngest champion in Dancing With Stars’ history at age 17.  In 2012 she returned to the show in its “all-stars” edition (season 15). At this competition all the contestants had previously appeared on the show. Shawn came close to winning again but placed 2nd on November 27th, 2012.

Shawn Johnson, was the silver medalist on Floor at the Beijing Olympics; here she is performing in the season finale  of the “All-Stars” edition of the show in 2012.

Alexandra Raisman 4th place during Season 16

The next season after Shawn Johnson finished 2nd in the all-star edition Alexandra Raisman took her turn in the show. She made it into the final night but was eliminated in the early part of the competition finishing in 4th place on May 21st, 2013. Alexandra was paired with Mark Ballas, Shawn Johnson’s partner when she won the trophy in Season 8.

Alexandra is a two time Olympic Floor Medalist; here she is with Mark Ballas dancing Contemporary

Anastasia Liukin4th place during Season 20

Liukin’s experience in the show was less fortunate than her teammates because her partner Derek Hough suffered an injury and she had a different partner for three weeks during the show. Nastia was eliminated during the seminfinal on May 12th 2015, finishing fourth like Alexandra Raisman. Derek Hough had been Shawn Johnson’s partner during her participation in the all-star edition in 2012.

Anastasia Liukin and Derek Hough dancing Argentine Tango, and the music was no other than “Dark Eyes” her Floor Music during the Beijing Olympics where she won bronze on Floor. 

Lauren Hernández – “Dancing with the Stars” Champion in Season 23

A month after participating at the Rio Olympic Games its youngest individual medalist, Lauren Hernández, was performing on Season 23 of Dancing With Stars. At 16 she is younger than Shawn Johnson was when she won the competition in mid-2009.

Despite her youth Lauren performed so well and with such maturity that she became the new Dancing With Stars Champion on November 22nd, 2016 beating Shawn Johnson’s record of youngest champion on the show. 

Lauren Hernández qualified fourth into the Floor Final in Rio 2016 but could not advance to the final due to the two-per-country rule; here she is with Val Chmerkovskiy dancing QuickStep

Simone Biles – 4th place during Season 24

The next season after Lauren Hernández won the competition, Simone Biles took her turn on the show. She was paired up with Sasha Farber and despite earning perfect scores during her last night on the show she was surprisingly eleminated on May 15th, 2017 during the semi-finals, which made her place 4th just like Raisman and Liukin.

Simone Biles was the Olympic Floor Champion in Rio 2016, here she is with Sasha Farber dancing Jive during the semi-finals.


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