A week after her horrible day in Koper, Flavia Saraiva won two medals at the 2017 Osijek World Cup.

A week after Flavia Saraiva’s disastrous day at the 2017 Koper World Cup where she fell while walking on the beam and then injured her ankle in her first pass in the Floor Exercise, Flavia arrived at Osijek where she won two medals: bronze on beam and silver on floor.

On vault, European Bronze Medallist Boglarka Devai managed to outscore Hungary’s Zsofia Kovacs for the gold medal. On bars, we were surprised to see Romanian gymnasts making the final, but sadly not much improvement, after problems with her pirouetting Maria Holbura decided to just do a simple layout as dismount and finished last, Ioana Crisan had a slightly better time finishing 6th. The gold medal went to Russia’s Anastasia Iliankova and Zsofia Kovacs was right behind her in second.

On beam Ioana Crisan just barely missed a medal finishing fourth. Flavia took bronze but it wasn’t without mistake she grabbed the beam to stay on during her mount. Russia took silver with Anastasia Iliankova, a Russian medalling on beam is always good news since they are known to struggle on the apparatus. And we were happy to see Thais Fidelis stay on during her breathtaking combination of back handspring into Arabian to take the gold medal.

On Floor, Lilia Akhaimova took the bronze medal as she works to establish herself as the Floor specialist of the Russian team. Flavia took the silver medal, we were relieved to see her land all her passes well and finally Thais Fidelis closed her competition with another gold medal. 

The performances in detail:


Experienced vault specialist Teja Belak (SLO) who was second in the qualification round had the unfortunate luck to sit both her vaults for an average of 12.950.

Ema Kajic (CRO) opened with a full twisting Yurchenko with an enormous hop back, her second vault was much better executed however the difficulty was low for an average of 13.284 and 7th place.

Tjana Tkalcec (CRO) had a good first vault that earned a 9.000 in execution. Her second vault, a full twisting Yurchenko, had good execution but a big hop back in the landing. She averaged a 13.534 to finish 6th while competing at home.

Lilia Akhaimova (RUS) presented a 1 and ½ twisting Yurchenko with a step to the front. Her second vault had a bit of leg separation and bent knees as well as low start value with only a 4.6. She averaged a 13.667 for a 5th place finish

Gabriela Janik (POL) presented two vaults valued out of a 4.8. The first one with a stuck landing and the second one with only a front step to the side. She averaged a 13.767 for a 4th place finish

Tjasa Kysselef (SLO) opened with a well-landed handspring front tuck full and her second vault the 1 and ½ Yurchenko was also landed perfectly in the very center of the line for a bronze medal with an average of 13.933

Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) had a tight in the air Double Twisting Yurchenko with a little hop in the landing. Her second vault, a Tsukahara full valued out of only a 4.8, was landed with a hop to the side that nearly made her step outside the sidelines. She averaged a 14.034 for the silver medal.

Boglarka Devai (HUN) also had a tight in the air Double Twisting Yurchenko with a big hop in the landing. Her second vault, a López, was landed with a big step to the side, right in the sideline barely avoiding the 0.1 neutral deduction.  She averaged a 14.300 to take the gold medal.


Maria Holbura (ROU) presented a simple routine with only one release, a Jeager, she had issues with her pirouetting right before the dismount so she chose to just do a layout to avoid a fall. Her very low difficulty of only a 4.0 meant she finished last with an 11.633 score.

Barbara Mokosova (SVK) opened with a Jeager then went for a Pak into stalder into Maloney, however in the low bar she lost her rhythm and fell; she remounted to finish her routine and stuck her double pike dismount. She scored a 12.067 for 7th place

Ioana Crisan (ROU) opened with stalder work, Tkachev into Pak, double layout dismount with a tiny step forward for a 12.433 and 6th place.

Flavia Saraiva (BRA) showed a toe-on full pirouette but she could not connect it into an immediate tkachev, piked tkachev into Pak and a double front dismount with a small hop to score a 12.800

Eugenia Shelgunova (RUS) toe-on full pirouette in the low bar into Maloney into Pak, Van Leeuwen, Jeager, Tkachev, double layout dismount. She scored a 13.233 (5.3 difficulty) for a fourth place.

Gabriela Janik (POL) Maloney into Pak, Geinger, Tkachev, double front dismount a bit deep. Her good execution gave her a 13.400 (5.2 difficulty) and the bronze medal

Zsofia Kovacs (HUN) showed an impressive inbar stalder into inbar stalder full into Maloney into Pak into Van Leeuwen gaining  0.4 in connection value, piked Jeager and full twisting double back dismount for a 14.133 (5.8 difficulty value).

Anastasia Iliankova (RUS) opened with an inbar stalder into Hindorff into Pak, Maloney, Ezhova, Van Leeuwen, toe-on full into a stuck dismount. She scored a 14.200 with the highest difficulty of all the finalists (5.9) to claim the gold medal.


Eugenia Shelgunova (RUS) opened with a risky mount round off layout with just a little hesitation, side aerial into two layouts, up until that moment her routine was very secure but then she came off on her front tuck, then a lack of concentration in her choreo made her fall a second time, front aerial with a wobble she could not connect it to her sheep jump, full turn, double pike. Her difficulty was high a 5.7 but after two falls she scored only an 11.367 and placed last.

Diana Varisnka (UKR) back handspring, back handspring layout to two feet fall, full turn with a wobble, front aerial into split jump, side somi with a wobble, sheep jump, double twist. The execution errors cost her and she finished 7th with a 11.467.

Zsofia Kovacs (HUN), who had qualified first into final, had a front aerial with a wobble, back handspring layout, fall on her side somi, full turn, side aerial, stuck double tuck dismount. Sadly she placed 6th with a 12.433 score.

Barbara Mokosova (SVK) back handspring layout for her acro series, split leap into side aerial into split jump with a wobble, split jump wolf jump, front aerial into sheep jump, full L-turn, side somi, stuck dismount for a 12.467 and 5th place.

Ioana Crisan (ROU) wobble on her mount, full turn, switch leap into split leap into split jump, back handspring into back handspring to two feet into layout to two feet stuck, side aerial, side somi, double tuck with a very big step forward. There were to many little execution errors that made her finish 4th with a 12.633

Flavia Saraiva (BRA) risky mount roundoff back handspring with a big wobble she was forced to grab the beam to stay on, back handspring into two layouts for her acrobatic series, round off layout, double turn, front tuck with a wobble, front aerial into sheep jump into back handspring, double pike dismount. Despite the mistake she managed to claim bronze with a 12.933.

Anastasia Iliankova (RUS) risky mount a round off layout that was perfectly landed,  round off layout, full L-turn, side aerial into layout with a slight wobble, illusion turn, side somi, Y turn slight wobble, double tuck. A 5.2 difficulty plus an 8.133 execution score gave her the silver medal with a 13.333

Thais Fidelis (BRA) opened with a breathtaking combination back handspring into Arabian she had a big wobble but managed to stay on, full turn, back handspring to two layouts as acrobatic series aerial walkover into split jump into straddle jump, front tuck, double pike with one step back. After such a huge difficulty (5.9) and a good execution the gold medal was hers with a 13.467


Ioana Crisan (ROU) full twisting double tuck, double L-turn into full turn, double pike, double tuck. Her low difficulty, only a 4.9, left her 7th with a 12.467

Ana Derek (CRO) full twisting double back tiny hop back, Memmel turn, double tuck with out of bounds, 2.5 twist. The lack of control in her landings cost her as she finished 6th with a 12.533

Eugenia Shelgunova (RUS) double layout tiny hop, Memmel turn barely controlled, 2.5 twist into punch front tuck, double tuck, double pike for a 12.900 and fifth place.

Diana Varinska (UKR) double tuck, triple L-turn, 2.5 twist into punch front tuck out of bounds, Memmel turn, double twist for a 12.900 and fourth place.

Lilia Akhaimova (RUS) double layout step back, double L-turn, full twisting double pike a bit low, double Arabian stuck, wolf turn struggled with it, switch split leap into Gogean, full twisting double tuck with a stuck landing for a 13.500 and the bronze medal.

Flavia Saraiva (BRA) full twisting double pike, 1 and ½ twisti into front full, whip into double tuck, double pike for a 13.633 and the silver medal.

Thais Fidelis (BRA) double Arabian out of bounds, full turn, whip into triple twist, double tuck perfectly stuck, double pike tiny hop back. The gold medal was hers with a 13.733


2017 Koper World Cup: Flavia Saraiva went from joy to sadness to injury. 


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