Gymnastics Birthdays at Europeans

PARIS 2000

LOREDANA BOBOC (ROM)– May 12th, 1984 – 16 years old.

With the 2000 Europeans taking place from May 12 till the 14th Loredana celebrated her 16th birthday the day Europeans started.  Her birthday gift was a team bronze medal.


OLGA SHERBATYKH (UKR)– May 2nd, 1988 – 16 years old.

Ukraine’s Olga Sherbatykh celebrated her 16th birthday the day the event finals were contested at the 2004 Europeans. She finished 4th on vault that day however a couple of days earlier she had won silver with her team. That was the last time Ukraine won a team medal at a European Championships.


CLAIRE MARTIN (FRA)– May 12th, 1998 – 14 years old.

Claire turned 14 years old the day the Senior Team Final was contested. She had participated in earlier days (May 9th) in the junior team competition where France finished in 7th place. Three years later while competing at Senior Europeans in home-soil in Montpellier she won a beam bronze medal.


DANUSIA FRANCIS (GBR)– May 13th, 1994 – 18 years old.

Danusia turned 18 the day after the team final was contested. She contributed with a 14.000 on beam towards her team’s fourth place finish.

SOFIA 2014 

GIORGIA CAMPANA (ITA)– May 16th, 1995 – 19 years old.

Giorgia turned 19 years old the day the junior all-around final was contested, the next day the senior team final took place where Italy finished 5th.


LISA VERSCHUEREN (BEL) – June 14th, 1995 – 20 years old.

Lisa celebrated her 20th birthday during the qualification round of the first ever European Games, her birthday gift was advancing to the floor final where she finished 4th

BERN 2016 

RUBY HARROLD (GBR) – June 4th, 1996 – 20 years old.

Ruby celebrated her 20th birthday the day the team final was contested at the European Championships. While Great Britain had hoped for the gold medal, falls, among them Ruby’s from the uneven bars, kept them in second place.


TEJA BELAK (SLO) – April 22nd, 1994 – 23 years old.

Slovenia’s Teja Belak celebrated her 23rd birthday the day the vault final was contested; she finished 7th. The audience sang her happy birthday after her second vault you can hear it in the video at around 00:55


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