10 Cool Facts from the 2008 Europeans in Clermont-Ferrand

The reigning World Champion on Bars, Ksenia Semenova, became the European Champion on Bars.


The Gymnastics World in… 1997!

Elvire Teza wins the American Cup, the age minimum is raised to 16 years old and Kui Yuanyuan places 3rd on beam at Worlds despite having the best routine.

What Olivia Cimpian’s Move to Hungary Represents

Essentially that she feels Hungary will help develop her potential more efficiently than the Romanian system can.


The Gymnastics World in… 2007!

Shawn Johnson rises, Liukin recovers from injury, Rio de Janeiro hosts the Pan-American Games


10 Cool Facts from the 2007 Europeans in Amsterdam.

The reigning World All-Around Champion, Vanessa Ferrari, became the European Champion