20 Cool Facts from the 2017 World Championships #MTL2017GYM

1. The day before the qualification round it was announced Rebeca Andrade had torn her ACL and would be withdrawing from the competition. In warm-ups, before the competition started, Larisa Iordache ruptured her Achilles tendon on Floor, the moment was caught on video and can be seen at the end of this clip

2. Shockingly during the qualification round, Catalina Ponor missed her round off layout mount automatically taking herself out of the beam final before she even started doing her routine.

3. Ragan Smith, a model of consistency during the U.S. Nationals performing 8 perfect routines throughout two days of competition, fell from the beam on her acrobatic series during the qualification round.

4. Sanne Wevers, the Rio Olympic Beam Champion, missed the Beam Final as well after a less than stellar beam routine

5. After the qualification round ended no Romanian gymnast had qualified into a final. They only sent three gymnasts to Montréal, Larisa had been injured in warm-ups before the start of the competition, Catalina had fallen off the beam and Ioana Crisan was second reserve to the all-around final.

6. Minutes before the all-around final started it was announced top favorite Ragan Smith had withdrawn with an injured ankle, this gave Ioana Crisan the chance to compete in the all-around, she finished 23rd

7. Suddenly, Morgan Hurd was left with the responsibility of winning the all-around title and she had qualified only 6th into the all-around final after a fall in her third pass on Floor during qualification. She had the same mistake during the first day of the U.S. Nationals. For the all-around final she managed to perform the tumbling pass but did go out of bounds.

8. At this year U.S. Nationals Morgan Hurd did not win any medals after placing 6th all-around, 8th on bars, 5th on beam, and 10th on Floor.

9. The newly crowned, World All-Around Champion, Morgan Hurd, was born on July 18th  2001. On July 18th 1976 Nadia Comaneci scored the first perfect 10 in Olympic History also in Montréal.

10. Top qualifier to the all-around final Mai Murakami fell off the beam. Had she not made the mistake she would have won the title by an approximate margin of 0.400

11. Morgan Hurd and Elsabeth Black had the same level of difficulty, 22.1, however, Black touched the beam to stay on and the mistake cost her dearly since she lost gold by a 0.100 margin.

12. Bronze medalist, Elena Eremina could have won the all-around gold if she had not made a big mistake on bars (her legs bent after a transition from the high bar and she lost connection bonus). Had she scored on bars like she did in qualification or the event finals she would have won gold by an approximate margin of 0.450

13. During the all-around final the top scores on each apparatus were:

  • Vault: Giulia Steingruber, 7th All-Around (14.700)
  • Bars: Nina Derwael, 8th All-Around (14.966)
  • Beam: Tabea Alt, 10th All-Around (13.300)
  • Floor: Mai Murakami, 4th all-around (14.233)

All of the top scorers in the all-around final won a medal in the individual event finals. For Steingruber, Derwael and Alt it was bronze while Murakami won gold on the Floor Exercise.

14. Black’s silver medal in the all-around is the first World Medal for Canada since Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs won bronze on beam at the 2006 World Championships.

15. Despite the fact Steingruber was the Rio Olympic Bronze Medallist, she had never won a World Medal, her bronze in Montréal was the first.

16. Nina Derwael’s bronze on bars is Belgium’s first ever World Medal

17. Mai Murakami’s gold on Floor is Japan’s first World Medal since Koko Tsurumi won two medals at the 2009 World Championships.

18. In Rio Vanessa Ferrari was the last competitor of the last final, there she finished fourth. In Montréal a similar situation happened she was the last competitor of the last final sadly this time it was worse for her as she ruptured her Achilles tendon on her second tumbling pass.

19. Three Montréal World Champions had medalled at the 2015 World Championships: Maria Paseka and Fan Yilin repeated their gold medals from 2015 while Pauline Schaefer turned her bronze medal from 2015 into a gold medal in Montréal.

20. From the medalists

  • There were 12 individual medallists claiming 15 medals. Hurd, Carey and Eremina took two each.
  • Only two new seniors medalled: Morgan Hurd and Elena Eremina
  • The oldest individual medallist was Giulia Steingruber who is 23 years old.


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