Montréal 2017: The Falls #MTL2017GYM

A true shame when in the qualification round, Catalina Ponor, who this year debuted a new mount (round off layout) and had never had trouble with it, missed it. Also, the Americans did not show their usual consistency and Ragan Smith fell off the beam on her acro-series while Morgan Hurd fell on her third tumbling pass on Floor.

In the all-around the gold medal, and immortalization as the first ever Japanese World Champion, escaped Mai Murakami when she came off the beam on her double turn. Without the fall she would have placed first by a 0.467 difference.

In the event finals, Sae Miyakawa had enough difficulty to challenge Giulia Steingruber for vault bronze but unexpectedly fell on her double twisting Yurchenko. In the uneven bars final Ashton Locklear surprisingly fell. This certainly came as a shock since she was taken to the World Championships for her clean execution and consistency.

During the beam final Elsabeth Black fell on her front tuck, during the all-around final she had grabbed the beam to stay on, so clearly it is a skill that troubles her. Asuka Teramoto was a few seconds into her routine when a medal escaped her after she was forced to touch the beam after a miscalculated double turn. Without the mistake she could have taken bronze or even silver.

And finally on Floor the most unfortunate fall happened, Vanessa Ferrari’s on her second pass. Sadly her fall was not about a medal that escaped her, it was much worse, it was a major injury, a torn Achilles on a foot where she has already undergone Achilles surgery.


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