Junior Romanian Vault Medalists (1994 – 2016)

Romania took the junior vault gold medal in three occasions: 1994 with Ana Maria Bican, 1996 with Maria Olaru and 2000 with Sabina Cojocar.

  • Ana Maria Bican had a short career with the highlight being a second place at the 1995 American Cup. Sadly she’s best remembered for sustaining a knee injury on vault the day before the competition began at the Atlanta Olympic Games.
  • Maria Olaru is mostly remembered as the 1999 World All-Around Champion however she was a strong vaulter. She took a silver at the 1998 Senior Europeans and a bronze at the 1999 World Championships.
  • Sabina Cojocar also had a short career and actually in her last competition, the 2002 World Championships, she was fifth on vault.

Plenty of Romanians have taken the silver medal in the apparatus: Andreea Isarescu in 1998, Iuliana Chindea in 2002, Steliana Nistor in 2004, Stefania Stanila in 2012, Laura Jurca in 2014 and Denisa Golgota in 2016.

Andreea Isarescu was a consistent member for the Romanian Team competing in 1999 and 2000 attending all the major competitions: Europeans, Worlds and Olympics. Iuliana Chindea did not make major appearances as a senior but we can watch the vaults that earned her the silver medal back in 2002.

Steliana Nistor was a prominent figure during the 2005 – 2008 period always competing a reliable double twisting Yurchenko. Stefania Stanila also had a short passage in Romanian gymnastics during which she had a solid double twisting Yurchenko. As for Laura Jurca she scored a high 15.133 on vault in the all-around final at the 2015 World Championships. However, none of these three gymnasts were known as vault specialists during their senior careers.

The latest gymnast to have won a silver medal, Denisa Golgota, has already earned her first vault medal at a major senior competition with her bronze at the 2018 European Championships.

As for the single Romanian to win bronze, Monica Rosu in 2002 she is one of the greatest Romanian figures on the apparatus since she is the 2004 Olympic Vault Champion. She earned the title competing an Amanar in a time when it was an extremely rare vault.

Bonus: Watch the Romanian Senior European Vault Medalists. In that list the ones that were junior standouts: Maria Olaru, Monica Rosu and Denisa Golgota.


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