15 Cool Facts from the First European Games held In Baku in 2015

1.The format. Teams were comprised of three gymnasts all of them competed and only two scores counted. The event finals had 6 gymnasts, only one per country.

2. The host country, Azerbaijan, placed 13th with a team comprised by Marina Nekrasova, Yulia Inshina and Kristina Pravdina. Individually Marina Nekrasova finished 15th all-around.

3. It was Viktoria Komova’s first international competition since the London Olympics. She placed first with the Russian team but did not advance to any finals.

4. Nearly all of the medallists from Baku continue to compete four years later with the exception of:

  • Andreea Iridon (Bars bronze, beam silver) & Lisa Top (Team & Vault bronze)
  • Viktoria Komova (Team Gold) & Seda Tuthalyan (Team Gold, Vault Silver). Viktoria made a comeback but after not making the European team in July 2018 hasn’t returned to training. Seda continues to train but at a low level and did not compete internationally in neither 2017 nor 2018.

5. During the team competition/qualification round both Elisabeth Seitz and Sophie Scheder scored a 15.000 but only one gymnast could advance to the bars final. The tie-breaker favored Sophie Scheder.

6. The gold and silver uneven bars medallists, Aliya Mustafina and Sophie Scheder, would go on to medal at the Rio Olympics, the only change was that in Rio Sophie won bronze.

7. During the bars final, four out of six gymnasts had major mistakes, as a result, the bronze medallist was the best routine with a major issue, a fall, it was Romania’s Andreea Iridon. She had missed her Gienger release.

8. The most difficult routines:

  • Vault: Seda Tutkhalyan (Silver). She had a DTY and a López. Gold medallist Steingruber had a Rudi but only a full twisting Yurchenko as second vault.
  • Bars: Aliya Mustafina (Gold). She also had the highest execution value (6.5, 8.900)
  • Beam: Andreea Iridon (Silver). Slight form issues kept her second.
  • Floor: Giulia Steingruber (Gold). She had the highest difficulty and execution with a 6.0 and an 8.366 but she went out of bounds on her last pass and got a 0.1 neutral deduction meaning her win came by a slight margin, just 0.066 ahead of Mustafina

9. The fourth-place finishers

  • Gabriela Janik (POL) – She had a very easy second vault valued out of a 4.6
  • Noemi Makra (HUN) – Many form issues including a possible downgrade from a double layout dismount to just a double tuck.
  • Sophie Scheder (GER) – Put her hand down on the beam for support after her side aerial.
  • Lisa Verschueren (BEL) – She had the same difficulty value as bronze medallist Lieke Wevers but more errors in execution kept her fourth.

10. Lisa Verschueren turned 20 the day of the qualification round, June 14th.

11. The only gymnast to medal at both the European Championships and the European Games that year was Giulia Steingruber

  • European Championships – Gold in the all-around and vault and bronze on Floor
  • European Games – Gold on vault and floor, silver in the all-around and bronze on beam.

12. Three gymnasts won four medals each:

  • Aliya Mustafina – Gold (Team, AA, UB); Silver (FX)
  • Giulia Steingruber – Gold (VT &FX); Silver (AA); Bronze (BB)
  • Lieke Wevers – Gold (BB); Bronze (Team, AA, FX)

13. New seniors, gymnasts born in 1999, that medalled individually at the competition

  • Seda Tuthalyan – Vault Silver
  • Andreea Iridon – Bronze Bars & Beam Silver

14. The First Ever Champions

  • Team: Russia
  • All-Around & Bars: Aliya Mustafina (RUS)
  • Vault & Floor: Giulia Steingruber (SUI)
  • Beam: Lieke Wevers (NED)

15. Medal Count:

  • Russia: 3 Gold (Team, AA &UB), 2 Silver (VT & FX)
  • The Netherlands: 1 Gold (BB), 4 Bronze (Team, AA, VT, FX)
  • Switzerland: 2 Gold (VT & FX), 1 Silver (AA) 1 Bronze (BB)
  • Germany: 2 Silver (Team, UB)
  • Romania: 1 Silver (BB), 1 Bronze (UB)

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